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Late this past fall I took the plunge and bought a long denim skirt.  I had previously been avoiding them because they reminded me of a 90s home school mom.  And I can say that, because I was home schooled for a while.  But anyways, I had been seeing denim skirts EVERYWHERE and some ladies looked down right fashionable wearing them, so I thought I’d try it out too.  After purchasing a secondhand denim pencil skirt I was on the hunt for a maxi skirt.   I ended up buying this sailor skirt from Deborah and Co and I LOVE it!

I wear it at least once a week and it’s so versatile.  Here are some examples for wearing a denim maxi skirt and not looking frumpy.

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In this outfit I kept thing super simple by tucking in a pretty top. The waistband detail is so nice on this skirt, that I prefer to tuck my tops in.  It’s a little hard to see, but there is a big fabric flower on my top, so that provides enough visual interest that I don’t need a necklace.  I’m wearing socks in this photo, but black riding boots would look better:)  This is an outfit I’d wear pretty much anywhere, be it home or church.

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I paired a graphic knit sweater with a bright scarf to create a comfy yet put together look.  Again, I tucked the sweater in.  This outfit was worn for a craft sale but it would be just as appropriate for church.

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I’m all about layers, so in this photo I’m wearing a long sleeved shirt under a bright cardigan.  Initially I thought this outfit was a little too boring, but adding the scarf makes it look out together.  I decided to leave this shirt untucked because it creates a more casual feel, which was perfect for youth group.

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This outfit is really simple, but perfect for winter!  I wore a knit shawl collar sweater, added a sparkly pin and my Blundstone boots for a look that is casual but not sloppy.

denim skirt outfits (8)

This final outfit is one I wore around the house but I’d be just as comfortable wearing it to church.  I chose not to tuck in this bulky sweater because it looked funny, plus leaving it loose looks more casual.

denim skirt outfits (9)

I try to treat my denim skirt the way people treat jeans: they wear jeans every day so why can’t I wear my denim skirt every day?  And jeans are such a basic item that goes with everything, therefore, denim skirts go with everything!  It’s true, though, that a denim skirt is a bit more attention grabbing than a pair of jeans but that is just because modesty is not mainstream.

I think the key to wearing a denim skirt in a modern way is to pick modern tops.  Something that is well fitting and either coloured or patterned helps too!  Years ago I learned the easiest accessory is a great scarf, and winter is perfect for wearing one.  I usually keep my scarf on all day because it is both a part of my outfit and provides warmth.  Footwear will also help keep a denim skirt outfit from looking too frumpy!  I either wear my black riding boots or Blundstone ankle boots, and in the warmer months I will probably wear sandals and flats.

Hopefully this post encourages you to try wearing a denim skirt!


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6 comments on “denim skirt outfits

    • I love it too! It’s nice for dressing up because of the dark wash and the snazzy buttons, but it also works well as a casual skirt.

  1. What a great skirt! I have searched for the last couple years for a not- so-frumpy denim skirt. I will definitely be checking out Deborah and Co website.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m glad you may have found your non-frumpy skirt!! Mine is the “sailor” but I have my eyes on the “western” too!.

      Thanks for reading:)

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