DIY bedazzled mugs

Have you seen all those tutorials online for mugs decorated with permanent markers?  The idea is to draw on a mug, then bake it in the oven to seal the marker on.  I have seen this online for years but was always skeptical of it…and mostly afraid my mug would shatter in the oven!  I finally decided to try it and I was very pleased with the results.

Here’s what you do!

  1. Draw on a clean, dry mug using a permanent marker.
  2. Once finished, place mug into the oven THEN turn temperature to 400F.
  3. Keep mugs in oven for 20 minutes, turn off oven and leave mugs in.
  4. Remove mugs from oven once temperature has cooled and returned to normal.
It’s super important to put the mugs in the oven BEFORE setting the temp!  Doing so allows the mugs to slowly heat and will prevent them from breaking.

I used a pink permanent marker, but I’m planning to use a black one for other designs.

I did 2 mugs with a dotted heart design and 2 with random dots.

I used Corelle mugs and they held up great.  I’m not sure if cheap mugs would work well, but if you try it please let me know.
I have washed the mugs since decorating them and the marker has stayed on!  I left them to dry on the counter and my husband asked if we got new mugs.  I told him what I did and he thought it was pretty neat.  I’ve left him 2 mugs to decorate and I’m curious to see what he comes up with!

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