DIY Christmas Banners

Today I’m sharing a quick and easy banner DIY project. These banners are an inexpensive way to decorate for Christmas and can fill a wall quite nicely.

diy christmas banner


  • fabric(I used an old navy blue bed sheet)
  • craft paint
  • paint brush
  • cardboard or newspaper
  • glue gun
  • stick and string


  1. Ensure the fabric is wrinkle free, and then cut to the desired size.
  2. Protect your work surface with newspaper or cardboard.  If you are confident in your painting skills, start painting your design!  If not, sketch it out using chalk first!
  3. Allow your paint to fully dry and then use the glue gun to create a fold in the top of the fabric for the stick to go through.
  4. Insert your stick, tie on the string and hang your banner.

See? How easy was that?!  I almost feel silly making this post since the banner is so self explanatory, but oh well!

diy christmas banner2

I chose to put the opening lyric from Go, Tell it on the Mountains onto my banner because it is one of my favourite Christmas hymns.  You can do the same, or use lyrics from your favourite Christmas song, or write a Bible verse or even just a general Christmas greeting.  I chose white paint because it would stand out from the dark background but really any colour of fabric and paint would work.

Since I had so much fabric, I decided to make a second banner that can stay up all winter.

diy christmas banner3

I am not a good artist AT ALL but I’m quite proud of how this turned out.  I even used glitter nail polish to accent the tree!

diy christmas banner4

I encourage you to try making a Christmas banner for yourself! It’s a fun and easy way to decorate for the season!

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