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Let’s be honest: Christmas can be expensive! David and I both have relatively small families (there’s 5 people in my immediate family and 4 in his including ourselves) but now that we are adults it seems like we should be giving our families something besides a framed drawing or a necklace made from foam beads…yeah, I did that as a kid.  But buying gifts for other adults is hard! I have 2 younger brothers, ages 22 and 21 and David has a 23 year old sister.  All 3 of them are tricky to buy for because they no longer want toys (I used to be able to buy my brothers pretty much any action figure and they’d love it!) and sometimes they aren’t even sure what to ask for.  Last year David and I decided to make gifts for our families and it worked really well!  Baked goods are always appreciated:)

I’ve compiled a list of my own DIY projects that are easy, inexpensive and perfect for gift giving.  Simply click each project for the full tutorial.

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Door Wreath: a fresh greenery wreath is surprisingly easy to make and will last all winter.

Decorated Mugs: all you need is a permanent marker, a ceramic mug and an oven.  You could write the gift recipient’s name, draw an abstract design, do polka dots (like I did), write their favourite quote or line from a movie, etc.

Skirt from a Men’s Shirt: this would work best if you can get your hands on a skirt your reciepient already has. Bonus points for using a shirt from her husband or boyfriend!!  You could be even more creative and attach 2 small strips of fabric to the top of the finished skirt and make it into a little dress for a little girl.  How precious would that be?  Especially if it was made from one of Daddy’s shirts?!?! To make the dress, simply use one of the girl’s existing dresses as a template but follow the other steps as listed in the tutorial.

Chalkboard Frame: this project would be soooo cheap and easy if you bought an old picture frame and glass from a second hand store or used one you already have.  Simply remove the glass, coat that in chalkboard paint and put it back in place once it dries.  I’ve done that for many chalkboards and it holds up beautifully.  You could take it a step further by painting or decorating the frame.

Christmas Stocking: who wouldn’t love to get a cutie stocking?  You could make it extra special buy putting in some treats like chocolates, gift cards, etc.  Personally, I’d love a stocking that has a chocolate orange, some new lipstick and a movie theatre gift card.

If you are more comfortable in the kitchen, I have soooo many ideas for food gifts. Check back next week for that list!



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