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How awesome is this?!  It’s a stump turned end table for our living room.  I’ve seen tables like this in magazines for hundreds or thousands of dollars and really wanted one (but couldn’t stomach that price!).  Coincidentally, last spring David obtained this stump while getting wood for our wood stove.  It was sitting in our garage for a while when we agreed it would be neat to strip it’s bark and make it into an end table.  David spent a day removing all the bark, sanded the ends then applied a few coats of clear sealer. 
The colours are completely natural and only covered with a water proofing coat or clear gloss.  It was quite the project for David and took a long time to get it  looking the way he wanted, but the end result is awesome. Even Venelope likes it! 

If you’re looking to make a similar table be prepared for a lot of work.  This stump was also reeeeeally heavy because it’s solid wood.  When looking for a stump to use, make sure the ends are flat or can be made flat.  The bark on ours was removed with a chisel and hammer.  The ends were smoothed with regular sandpaper and we used an exterior water proofing stain over the whole surface.  Before you begin, make sure the stump is totally dry and mildew free.  Working outside is best, but if you must work indoors be sure to protect your floors from the stain.  Good luck! 

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