DIY flower planter arrangement

Good afternoon, friends!  And what a nice, sunshine-y day it is here at Our Wood Home!  The sky is blue, the grass is green and the birds are singing…I spent some time weeding our front yard gardens this morning and am now inside for a little rest.

The DIY I’m sharing today is a super simple planter arrangement I made for my mom as a Mother’s Day gift.  For the last several years she has always asked for planters for her front steps, but this year I decided to make her some instead of buying. A lot of the planters I saw in stores had flowers that only grew one season and that’s it.  But personally, I feel plants like that are a waste of money.  I wanted my mom to have a flowering planter that would bloom every year.  My brothers kicked in some cash for the plants while I got to choose them and make the arrangements. This project took me less than 30 minutes and is so easy that a child could do it.  I decided to make this post because sometimes choosing flowers for a garden or planter can be overwhelming, but not if you go into the task with a plan.  DIYplanterarrangement

Before assembling the planter there are some other important things to be done:

Step 1: Determine what planter or pot you will be using.  This step is the most important because it will dictate how many plants you will need to buy.  If you buy a whole bunch without knowing the size of your planter you may end up running out of room or scrambling to find a large enough pot.  I actually made 2 arrangements and used 2 identical pots we already had.  They look like terracotta but are actually hard plastic! Knowing beforehand what size planter you are using will also determine how much soil to purchase, if needed.

Step 2: Choose a budget for purchasing plants and/or planter.  It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of flowers and want to buy them all, but some are darn expensive!!  My brothers and I agreed on a price point and I made sure I spent only cash for the plants, instead of relying on debit or credit.  That forced me to be conscientious of what I purchased.

Step 3: Decide on a theme/colour scheme. I say this because, without a plan for the plants you could end up with ones that don’t work well together aesthetically.  My planters were going to feature red plants (my mom’s favourite colour), daisies (her favourite flower) and both planters would be identical (because she like uniformity). If you don’t know what theme or colours you want to use, check Pinterest or gardening magazines for ideas.  Some of my own suggestions are: all one colour, all the same flower (like Gerbera daisies), herbs, trailing plants, climbing plants (be sure to buy a small trellis too).

Once you have done the above 3 tasks it’s time to purchase your plants and get arranging (some of these plants are for me).

DIYplanterarrangementI started by placing the daisy in the middle of the soil because I wanted them to be the focus. The pots were filled about half way with dirt I already had at home.


Next I placed 4 other flowers around the daisy on the edges of the pot.  Theses flowers are all the same and I put them in cross shape.


I added a couple other flowers to the pot to fill in some of gaps.  But I left lots of room between the flowers because they will fill out.

DIYplanterarrangementHow easy was that?! I did the exact same thing for the second planter, but I didn’t get a shot of them together before I gave them to my mom.

I enjoyed this little DIY because it allowed me to create personal arrangements exactly that way I wanted. I liked assembling my own planters so much that I did it again with plants my mother-in-law gave me. IMG_6681

How are you spending today?  Any gardening plans in the near future?

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