DIY hanging picture frames

Ever since I was in middle school I’ve been obsessed with decorating my walls.  Back then it was mostly taped up pictures of me and my friends or magazine tears of Orlando Bloom…but still, I liked seeing my walls covered in things that were special to me.  Now that I have my own house I’m really enjoying hanging up pictures on as many walls as possible (the previous owners also hung things up but in very random places so I’m trying to cover up all the holes with my own stuff until I paint).  But I’m finding this tricky since our house is pretty open concept.  For the most part I have to settle for placing frames on pretty much every flat surface, partly because of the lack of wall space but also because most of my frames are the kind that prop up and can’t be hung on the wall.

I had a bunch of frames on a book shelf in the living room but that shelf was moved and I now had to place for the frames…I really wanted to hang them in the hallway going towards the bedrooms but they were all stand up frames.  Then I had a brilliant idea (that has probably been done before) on how to make them wall hangers!    I present to you a super easy tutorial that lets you hang any frame.


  • picture frame
  • yarn or ribbon
  • glue gun
  • hammer and nail to hang frame
1. Disassemble frame
2. Cut a piece of yarn or ribbon long enough to hang your picture
3. Using a glue gun, put one dot of glue onto the inside of the back of the frame (confusing? refer to the picture below!)
4. Carefully press yarn or ribbon into place
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 once more
6. Allow glue to dry completely before putting frame back together
7. Hang your frame and enjoy looking at your lovely picture!
  • I doubled up my yarn for heavier frames. 
  • For a very heavy one I braided 3 pieces of yarn together before gluing them.  
  • Before hanging my frames on the wall I hung them from a drawer pull on my kitchen drawer so that it was just a few inches above the floor. That was if it dropped because the yarn was too weak I wouldn’t have a giant mess of broken glass on my hands…
This project took me about 10 minutes to do all the frames pictured above.  I chose to use a coloured yarn since the wall is neutral.  I opted to hang the pictures by the thermostat because it was the only wall in that hallway without any decoration besides the thermostat…Hopefully the nice pictures distract from an unattractive thermostat!  I know it distracted my husband because last night when he went to turn it down he was momentarily disoriented from seeing so many additional things there.
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