DIY (no sew) bed sheet curtains

Have you ever driven past college student housing and seen bed sheets adorning the windows in place of curtains?  I saw that ALL THE TIME when I was in school.  I get that curtains can be expensive but using thumb tacks to pin a sheet to the window frame is not the way to go!!  I was always horrified at the sight of bed sheet curtains…but now I have some in my house.  Before you exit my blog in disgust, allow me to explain (and show you proof that it can be done nicely!)…We have 2 long and skinny windows who’s dimensions mean we can’t buy regular curtains or blinds.  One of the windows is in the dining room, which faces our neighbor’s house, so  they could theoretically see into the house.  The other window faces the backyard and when the sun comes in the whole back of the house gets very hot.  I needed something to use for privacy and temperature regulating. There were some old bed sheets David and I had from before we were married and I thought they might work as curtains. All I did was buy a small curtain rod and thread the sheet on it. Ta-da! Instant curtains!  Scroll down for more pictures and info.


The first step is to acquire a bed sheet (or more than one, depending on the size of your window).  The sheet I used was for a mattress size we no longer had, but you can find inexpensive sheets at thrift stores or yard sales.  Be sure to check for holes or thin spots.  That won’t really work for blocking light or creating privacy.

If you don’t have a curtain rod already, measure the window and purchase the appropriate sized rod.  I opted to mount the rod inside the frame but you can also do it above the top of the frame.  It’s really a matter of preference.

Now measure out the sheet based on your window dimensions (I wanted my curtain to be longer than the window so it would pool on the floor). I recommend finding a sheet to use that has a folded over top hem because all you need to do to prepare it as a curtain is cut the short edge off and slide the rod in.  If your sheet does not have a premade hem, be sure to measure out an inch or so extra to create one.   Below is an example of my sheet with the premade hem.


Next, carefully cut out the fabric.  Make sure you have straight cuts!  If you need to create the hem you can do so now with either a hot glue gun (my preferred tool!) or by sewing it. Make the hem horizontally and keep the short ends open.

Once the fabric is cut and the hem is in place, go ahead and thread your new curtain on to the rod!  Then stand back and admire it…doesn’t it look great? And not at all like a sheet!!

bedsheetcurtain2 bedsheetcurtain3




Now, my curtains are still sort of sheer but they offer more privacy than bare windows!  I’d like to maybe buy patterned sheets and remake the curtains but for now, these FREE curtains are doing their job!

Did you think I was nuts for making curtains from old sheets?  You did?  It’s okay…we can still be friends. Would you try this DIY? Let me know in the comments below.

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