DIY rag wreath

Now that Halloween is over I am giving myself permission to think about Christmas!  I almost listened to my Christmas playlist on my ipod yesterday…but I stuck with good old country music instead.

This year David and I are hosting his family’s Christmas dinner on Boxing Day, and there is a lot of work that goes into it! Not just the food, which is a big deal, but also ensuring our home is ready for guests as well as decorating for the season.   I’m planning to decorate a lot more than usual this year because I finally have a good excuse to!

Keeping in mind all that I have to do I decided to get an early start on my tasks. In between cleaning and organizing literally every room in the house I spent an hour getting crafty with this super easy rag wreath (I can’t find the original source that gave me the idea, but I will say I didn’t come up with this on my own!). This wreath cost me zero dollars and was a great way to reuse scraps of fabric I was saving “just in case”.

rag wreath

All you need for this DIY is an old wire coat hanger, some fabric and scissors. Simply bend your hanger into a circle shape, cut your fabric into strips as long/wide/thin as you want, and tie them around the hanger frame.  The amount of fabric you will need depends on the thickness of the material you are using, as well as how wide the strips are.  I used about 1 old shirt worth of fabric and cut the strips in varying sizes.  To hang it you can use a regular wreath door hanger but I decided to wrap the hanging part of the hanger in fabric and hang it on the door using a nail that was already there.

rag wreath rag wreath

I made this wreath last month and it still looking fine.  I was a little concerned that the fabric would get wet if rain came through the screen door but it only happened once so far.  Come December this wreath will get moved elsewhere so it doesn’t get soggy from the snow but for now it’s a cheery addition to the front door!

rag wreath

Is this a project you think you’d try? When do you think it’s acceptable to start decorating for Christmas?

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