DIY zombie gnomes

This post deals with zombie paraphernalia, so if you find that sort of thing offensive or disturbing, feel free to close this window in your browser.  I received mixed responses when I posted these images on my personal Facebook so I won’t be offended if you’d rather not see them.


Oh, you’re still here? Good!  This DIY is fun and a little creepy quirky! Before I get into the instructions, let me tell you a quick story.  David and I were at the mall last year and saw this funny little lawn gnome that had been made to look like a zombie.  We decided to buy it and it lived in our garden under the front window (he is sort of hidden behind the lilies).



I thought it would be funny to buy a few more gnomes like him but the options I found online were too pricey.  Then I figured I could turn regular gnomes into zombies!  But even regular gnomes were expensive and I had no luck finding second hand ones.  Last week my dad text me and asked if I wanted a box of gnomes he found on the curb. I said heck yes!


Aren’t they creepy on their own?! Most of them were in great shape while others were a little chipped or had peeling paint.  I was most excited about the Snow White gnome.


The materials used for this easy DIY were acrylic paint, a thin brush and red nail polish. Oh, and a clean damp rag to wash off the gnomes before painting.  Once they are clean you just use grey paint to fill in the eyes, black paint to line them if you wish and then apply red nail polish using the brush included.


I used the nail polish to create blood drips all around the gnome’s mouths, clothing and hands.  There was no set pattern to it; I just painted what looked good. The messier the better!  Some are a little more gory than others and I tried to make each one unique.

The gnome on the right (below) is David’s favourite!


I mentioned some of the gnomes had chips in them, so I used those as “injuries” and added more “blood”.

zombiegnomes zombiegnome zombiegnomesNow I can’t forget Snow White! I’m really please with how she turned out!


Lawn of the Dead!!!  All the zombie gnomes in their new garden home.




Now, some of you may be shocked to see this side of me, but let me assure you I’m not zombie obsessed!  I don’t want the shows religiously, nor do I read the books about zombies.  I also don’t believe in zombies or a zombie apocalypse.  These zombie gnomes are meant to be fun and a little quirky.  I enjoy funny garden accessories and, in addition to these gnomes, I have a metal bird sculpture, a rusty old bike, a ceramic rooster and am hoping to add pink flamingos.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and I’d love your feedback!  Would you try this?

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