Easter weekend recap

What a busy weekend we had!!  I spend Thursday cleaning the whole house in perperation for Easter weekend.  In the evening I went out with some friends and David had his friends over.  I didn’t get to bed until after midnight and I think David’s friends all left around 2AM.  We had planned to spend Friday cleaning up the basement (again) where the guys were hanging out  and get some of  the Easter meal prepared.  But David woke up with a tension headache and went back to sleep until 2PM.  I managed to quietly clean up and bake a cake and he helped with everything once he was up and feeling better.

David’s family was coming over on Saturday afternoon and we still had things to do.  Food to be cooked, tables to be arranged, drinks to be chilled… but we were all ready to go by the time everyone got there.

Here is what we served for a family of 14:

Spinach and Berry Salad
Greek Pasta Salad
Glazed Carrots
Steamed Green Beans
Salmon in a Lemon-Butter Dill sauce
Ham slow cooked in Brown Sugar
Carrot Cake
Blueberry Cheesecake
Bushberry Pudding Cake in a Whiskey Butter Sauce (made just for my family and served on Sunday)

I’d like to brag a bit and say that EVERYTHING except the rolls were homemade :)

By the time everyone left on Saturday it was close to 9:30 PM and we were exhausted!!  We actually left all the dirty dishes until Sunday morning…don’t judge!

On Sunday we cleaned up from the day before and made a bit more food for my family (only 9 people including David and I). 
Everyone had left by 7 PM but we were not very motivated to clean up (again).  We went as far as wrapping up leftovers, loading the dishwasher and stacking all the hand wash plates.  Since David is at work today I get to clean up all alone…or wait for him but I don’t want to look at dirty dishes all day.  I have managed to do wash 2 sink-fulls (not even a real word, haha!) of dishes, tear down the extra table and chairs and clean up all the coasters.  It doesn’t sound like much but I feel like I accomplished a lot!  I’m taking a computer break now but I’ll have to tackle everything else soon.

Here are a few snapshots of our weekend.

yum yum

the kitchen on Sunday evening…what a mess!

Potted plants make a great hostess/Easter gift! Can’t wait to plant these babies this spring!

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