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For the last few years I’ve been making natural greenery wreaths for my front door.  I’ve tried a few different methods but have finally perfected the art of wreath making.  It’s sooooo easy, which is why I wanted to share it with you all.  The greenery I used was cut from trees on our property, but you can easily buy branches and boughs at a florist.

The steps are petty straightforward: First off all, collect your materials.  Since mine were from outside I let them dry on a towel.

wreath (5)

I chose a mix of spruce, cedar and pine for visual interest.

wreath (6)The next step is to start arranging the greenery on your wreath base.  Mine is green foam, which is nice and light.  I suggest using a thin gauge floral wire to attach the greenery to the base but for demonstration purposes I used white ribbon.

wreath (7)wreath (1)

Keep attaching branches all the way around the wreath base.  I find it easier to lay the branches in a single layer around the base, and then keep adding layers.

wreath (2)


wreath (3)If you are using green floral wire it should blend in pretty well with the branches.  But if you end up using ribbon like me, you can hide the colour by wrapping some small pieces of greenery around them.

wreath (4)

Once my wreath looked the way I wanted I hung it up to see if there were any bald spots.  I ended up turning the wreath over and attaching some branches to the backside to fill it out a little.

My mother in law had given me some crafting materials and in them was a package of lightweight little faux pine cones.  I added them throughout the wreath for a little something extra.  You could easily use real pine cones, little ornaments, feathers, whatever you want!  Or just leave it all green!


As a finishing touch I wrapped my usually red wreath hanger in some coordinating ribbon that features sparkly pine cones.


Let’s recap those super easy steps, shall we?

  1. Collect materials for wreath
  2. Arrange in a single layer on wreath base and attach with green floral wire
  3. Continue layering greenery all the way around the wreath, attaching with wire as you go
  4. Once you are satisfied with the look of your wreath hang it up to see if there are any bald spots or other adjustments to be made
  5. If everything looks good, add finishing touches such as pine cones, ornaments, etc
  6. Proudly display your wreath!

When I make my wreath it lasts all winter.  Greenery is surprisingly tolerant to cold weather but it will shed some needles.  I’d love for you guys to make your own wreaths and then post the pictures on my  Facebook page.



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