Encouragement for Young Homemakers (part 2)

This post is the second is a mini series for young homemakers (click here for part 1).


Ladies, it’s not a secret that I enjoy being a homemaker!  Even though other people might not understand why I have chosen this path, I know it’s the right one for me!  I admit I was overwhelmed with all I had to do when I first became a full time homemaker and often shut down and just watched DVDs or knit all day.  I soon realized I was not honoring my husband or God by being lazy and it was time to get motivated.  We do not have a large house so I thought cleaning it would be easy, and it is. But I get distracted quickly and found myself moving from room to room before I finished cleaning each one.

I found it helpful to make a list of chores to be done.  If you have not already created a “chore list” or cleaning schedule I encourage you to do so.  Start by grabbing pen and paper and walking through each room in your house, starting right at the front door.  Look at each room carefully and write down tasks for it, such as Living Room: dust flat surfaces, wipe down coffee table, dust light fixture, sweep floors, vacuum rug. Kitchen: wash breakfast dishes, wipe off counters, put away dishes, sweep floors, wipe down stove and oven.

encouragement for homemakers

 Write down every single cleaning task you can think of.  Then move on to the next room.  Write down obvious things too, such as empty bathroom trash. 

Your list may seem long and daunting, but remember you wrote down some obvious chores that you probably already do without thinking. Over the next few days aim to clean one room per day.  When you feel ready, you can start cleaning multiple rooms per day.  Or you may want to dedicate one whole day just for dusting every room, another for vacuuming, etc.  Find a routine that works for you!

encouragement for homemakers

I love this cleaning schedule Elizabeth posted because she has her entire day mapped out, which is really helpful!

If you are having trouble thinking of tasks to be done, ask your husband if there is anything in particular he would like you to do.  I’ve done this often, and David usually says there is nothing, but sometimes he will ask me to fix a button on his shirt, bring in firewood to dry, schedule an appointment for him, etc.

encouragement for homemakers

Sometimes it seems like cleaning the bathroom or folding laundry are not really that important, or God honouring, but they are!  Imagine your husband had a stressful day at work, and when he comes home he see that the bathroom has wet towels on the floor from the morning.  Or he wants to change out of his work clothes but his comfy jammies are in the laundry.  Things like that likely don’t make him respected or cared for…and in Ephesians 5:33, we are told “…the wife must respect her husband”.  So if we don’t respect our husband, as God tells us to, then we are disobeying/dishonouring God.

I know that’s an unusual way to look at house work but if you truly believe homemaking is a ministry, like I do, then I’m sure you will understand where I’m coming from.

On that note, I’m going to conclude part 2 of the Encouragement for Young Homemakers series.  Part 3 will talk about hospitality and ensuring your home is ready for guests. Until then, I encourage you to pray about what God has in store for you and your homemaking journey.


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2 comments on “Encouragement for Young Homemakers (part 2)

  1. I am not a young homemaker. My kids are grown. I have followed your homemaking philosophy my whole married life. We must take pride in our homes and keeping them in doing it for the glory of our Lord. It is a blessing to be able to stay home and care for your family.

    • Amen to that! I will never understand how people can look down on homemakers and say that we are not contributing to our family (which is something I hear a lot).

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