Fall 2015 Outfit Inspiration

I felt a little silly typing that title, since the weather here is anything BUT fall!  But when I was planning this post we had a bout of chilly weather that had me in the mood for all things fall.  This week, however, we had average daily temps of around 40C with the humidity. Soooo not fall weather, but August is almost over and September weather is so unpredictable, so we could very well be experiencing chillier temps soon.

This fall is going to be different for me, in terms of fashion because I am going to be making an effort to get dressed each day even though I’ll be spending it at home.  Usually I’d just wear yoga pants and whatever sweater I pull out first but when I am dressed well I feel like I’ve accomplished more than when I dress in glorified jammies.  There will be a few occasions for dressing up a little more, such as date night, church and family events.

Using Pinterest, I’ve been able to find some inspiration outfits based on things I already own (You can view the original pin on my Pinterest board).  Here are some ideas for casual outfits.

I’m going to try wearing my light weight maxi skirts with graphic tee shirts for a casual but still fun outfit for home.

OWHFallFashionInspiration (5)

I like how the top is printed and colourful but looks casual when paired with a solid skirt.

OWHFallFashionInspiration (9)

Instead of jeans and a sweater, I’ll be wearing a solid skirt!  I probably won’t wear a scarf or earrings when I’m at home, but they would make great additions if I had to run out for errands.

OWHFallFashionInspiration (11)

Colourful tights are a great way to wear summer dresses when it gets cooler!  I will definitely be adding them to my outfits.

OWHFallFashionInspiration (12)

Now for some dressier outfit inspiration!

A plaid skirt just screams FALL so I’m planning to wear mine a lot this year!  I usually stay away from a solid colour top because it seems too boring, but this image shows that a few accessories (bold ring and hat) can liven up the outfit.

OWHFallFashionInspiration (1)

The plaid wrapped around the skirt is actually a scarf!  I am using this photo as inspiration to be bolder with my basic outfits.

OWHFallFashionInspiration (2)

This photo shows a scarf tied nicely as an accent accessory and I’m hoping to recreate a similar look on myself. Usually I just wrap the scarf around my neck but this looks so much more elegant.
OWHFallFashionInspiration (8)


I have enjoyed the summer heat but I’ll be glad when fall comes and brings cooler weather!  I don’t dare say I’m looking forward to snow (because I hate it except during the month of December) but I will enjoy seeing the leaves slowly change colour.

In other news, I’ve been featured on Modest Fashion Network this week! Click here to see the post :)

What are you looking forward to this fall?

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  1. I love the pictures you picked! I really love the plaid skirt outfit and yes plaid is great for fall. I am looking forward to fall and wearing my favorite plaid skirt with my sweater and boots!

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