fall fashion inspiration: burnt orange/rust

Does anyone remember when Pinterest was an “invitation only” site?  You had to be invited to join by someone who already had an account, and once you were accepted, you could start Pinning.  I first discovered this wonderful site back in May 2011, when I was planning for my wedding even though David hadn’t proposed yet (he did about a month later)!  Over the last 5+ years I have used Pinterest to save ideas for decor, food, clothes, and more.  I used to just save everything I liked, but now I’m trying to more mindful of what I Pin, and ensure it’s something I will actually use for inspiration.  Right now I like finding outfit ideas, but I only Pin those that I see myself actually wearing.

Recently, I’ve been looking for modest outfit ideas for fall and winter.  I’m noticing that I keep gravitating towards burnt orange/rust coloured pieces, so here are my fave looks featuring the colour.


Cardigan over a dress:

I wouldn’t think to pair these colours but they look great!


The similar tones make this outfit look so chic.


Skirt or dress:

Super cute, and super simple!


I like both these colours, so I am thinking about trying them together.


Two solid colours that look so perfect for fall!


This outfit is simple and easy to wear.


Other ways:

A cute orange scarf adds some colour to a basic outfit.

I love the idea of wearing an orange shirt under a summery dress!


I’m not normally a fan of wearing jeans, but this outfit looks awesome.


You can find all these pins and more on my Fall/Winter board.  While you’re there, feel free to follow me :)  And let me know in the comments here what colour you are inspired by this fall!

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2 comments on “fall fashion inspiration: burnt orange/rust

  1. Hi Christina! Very nice outfits for fall. I recently bought a mustard skirt since i love this colour, and i was wondering how to combine it. But i think it will become a fall favourite ☺.
    I also like burnt orange and brown for this season.
    I’m trying to wear skirts as much as possible, but this time of the year i find it difficult, too cool in the early morning when i go to work to go bareleg, but not cold enough for tights yet…
    Is it not the same for you?

    • I love my mustard skirt! My fave way to wear it is with a black and white striped top:) It is chilly in the morning here, so I tend to wear longer skirts to keep the chill at bay. I’ve also worn tights under my skirt for the drive in to work, and then taken them off as it warms up.

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