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Good morning friends, and Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!  My friend and professional makeup artist, Alycia Wicks has agreed to give us some insight into what is trendy for Fall 2015.  I’ve known Alycia for many years and have had the pleasure of working with her on many occasions (including my own wedding!!!). Alycia is truly gifted at applying makeup so I trust her completely! Keep reading to find out what trends we should be trying this year.

This season it’s all about eyes and playing with different colours and tones. But it’s not just about applying makeup to the eyes, it’s also about how to play it down during the day and playing it up for the evening.

It’s always been known to keep your makeup simple during the day (not too dark or dramatic;simple and elegant). Using purple, green, and brown shades in a subtle way is perfect for daytime. Now, subtle is a word that changes according to each individual, depending on what your day consists of, what your job is, ect.

For example, as a makeup artist my makeup can be more dramatic without it being too much. However someone who works in a office or with children may seem overdone if they were to wear makeup the same way as me! So you just alter how much you apply to your lifestyle. Below is an example of how I do my makeup in a general day.  I specifically used the fall collection palette from Lise Watier, which consists of purples and greens. For this look I chose to use the greens.  As you can see in I kept it on the lighter side.

fall makeup 2015

fall makeup 2015

Using a CC eyelid primer by Lise Watier as my base will ensure my colour goes on pigmented, and stays on throughout the day. I then followed with the light green shade from the palette on my mobile lid. I like to bring a little bit onto the corner of my eye which acts as a brightener. I then follow with my crease colour which is the darker green shade in the palette, ensuring I blend it into the top corner of my lash line.

Once I have the depth I want and it’s blended, I continue with my eyeliner. You can choose from a numerous selection of eyeliner, such as liquid in black, brown or green, or pencil eyeliners in the same colours. For this look I chose to go with Lise Watiers new colour selections in their intense waterproof eyeliner in Forest. I did wing it out a bit as I have descending eyes (I always tend to wing out all of my eyeliners to make the illusion my eyes are not descending). Top it off with your fav mascara and your eyes are complete!

With any makeup look, your foundation and contouring are always an important part. As contouring is huge in the makeup world so always be careful who you’re referring to with your contouring techniques. Aim for your contouring to be a natural highlight and contour. Anything too much just makes the face look dirty!

Add your favourite colour blush to leave your skin flawless and glowing (mine for this time of year is Lise Watier moka powder on blush). Lastly, since our eyes are the focus you want to keep your lips simple. I went with a simple pink gloss that doesn’t add much colour. Oh, and NEVER forget to fill in your brows!

If you are looking for a more classic look, think a simple eye and bold lips!  But instead of Marilyn-red, switch your lip colour to something deeper.  I like deep purple, red, or burgundy!  This is a bold and classy look, perfect for fall, that anyone can pull off!

Alycia Wicks
True You Makeup Artistry 


Ok, for reals…doesn’t Alycia’s daytime eye look seem pretty attainable? I would not have thought to use green for fall, but it looks so good!  Personally, my eyelids are too oily for eye shadow but I LOVE the idea of doing an updated classic makeup look with the simple eye and bold lip.  

I’d love to know if any of you readers recreate this makeup look at home! Tweet me @OurWoodHomeblog and share a photo!  


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