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Hello friends, sorry for the late post that is not even a weekly collection of my outfits!  I’ve been busy with home stuff, work, and editing photos (I’m a wedding and family photographer).

Instead of sharing my outfits today, I’m going to share what I’m inspired to wear this season.

Wool: I’m really liking my wool skirt (as seen here) because it is long, cozy, and goes with everything.  I am also getting a lot of use out of my wool socks, and am loving how they look scrunched down over my Blundstones.  Like last winter, I am loving chunky scarves, and will be relying on them a lot this year for style and warmth.  They look great layered over another texture and add a fun pop of colour.

Denim: I’ve already talked about my denim skirt, but it is still something I’m drawn to this year. Admittedly, I’m getting a little tired with the shape, and have been toying with the idea of taking it in on the sides to make it less a-line.  If I did that, the stitches would just be temporary in case I change my mind.

Layering dresses and skirts: So far I have done this twice in the fall, and I plan to continue it into winter, because I love a good layer!  The first time was with a summery dress and the second was with darker colours.

Old fashioned dresses: I have a few mid length dresses that most people would likely call outdated, but I’m becoming more confident in wearing them lately.  Previously I wore them with bare legs but am going to have to layer tights or leggings now!  I love the look of old fashioned fabrics, but I think the cut of the dress is what makes or breaks it.  The wrong cut can look outdated and frumpy, but a properly fitting dress will be a lot more flattering, regardless of print.

oct-7 oct-16 oct-9b

Braids: Since I discovered my hair is long enough for a braid, I’ve been working hard to master some basic styles.  Right now I’ve got the Dutch down pat, and just relearned the French! I’ve also been playing around with the fishtail braid, which is fun!  I like braids because they are relatively easy, keep my hair out of the way, and look nice.


What are you inspired to wear this season?

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