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Here’s a quick post showing some family photos I took yesterday.  For Father’s Day my brothers, husband and I decided to visit my dad and take some photos.  We had originally planned for last weekend but I was too sick to do much of anything, so we did it yesterday instead.  It was raining all day but slowed down to a light mist long enough for us to run outside and snap a few pictures.  My family is made up me (the oldest sibling), my middle brother who is 23 and the youngest brother who will be 22 this fall, and of course, my parents (they are not together which is why my mom isn’t in these photos). As you will see in these photos, my dad and brothers are all very tall.  I am taller than my mom and grandma but not by much!

First we got a shot of all the men…


Then I jumped in…notice that we are all wearing blues and greens?  Seriously, that was the most time consuming part of all!  I wanted to choose a colour scheme that would work with everyone and be something that would look nice together.  I asked my dad and brother if they had any “nice” shirts to wear and they said no.  So I raided David’s closet for some shirts they could borrow and, surprisingly, they all fit!  It’s like the shirts were magic!

David and I sort of look like the oddballs since we don’t wear glasses but everyone else does. I had laser eye surgery back in 2011 and David just has perfect vision, so no glasses for us!


Now this photo is an inside family joke, but it is still hilarious!

IMG_7620 This is the only time we have all been together for photos, besides our wedding.  We may not be the most serious bunch, but I’d much prefer photos like this that show everyone’s personality instead of forced, posed pictures.

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