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Let me start by throwing out this disclaimer:  I am in no way a ‘trendy’ dresser.  I tend to wear classic pieces that don’t really go out of style. 
That being said…I think I have an alright sense of style!  I’m slightly ashamed but also proud to say I’m still wearing some clothes I bought in highschool (and I’m 22 now) and they don’t look dated. 

I decided to start outfit posts on my blog because I think I dress nicely and hope that someone may be inspired by my simple, yet classic wardrobe.

This first post is of an outfit I wore when I went grocery shopping.  I’m not one of those people who believes in dressing up just for errands, so I tend to wear jeans, a sweater and a bit of make up. 

Jacket: Old Navy about 4 years ago
Scarf: Christmas gift
Bag: Old Navy about 6 years ago
Jeans: Tango Women’s Wear
Boots: Soft Moc

Believe it or not that sweater is actually one of my husband’s cast offs (see below)!  It shrunk in the wash a while ago and I saved it before he donated it.  I loved the sweater as soon as I saw it and actually really wanted it.

October 2009:  the original owner of my new favourite sweater!

Check back soon for more outfits posts! 

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