finding my style

Someone recently asked me how I would describe my personal style and the way I dress. Surprisingly, I wasn’t sure what to tell them!  I know what clothes I’m drawn to, both in real life and on Pinterest, and I know what I don’t like too. But what is my personal style (besides just wearing skirts!)? And do all my clothes reflect that?

finding my style

Lately I’ve been sorting through my Pinterest clothing boards and removing anything that isn’t an outfit I’d wear right now.  That has helped me see what sorts of clothes and outfits I really like (such as florals; earth tones; textures like wool; layers; cardigans).  I’ve also taken stock of my closet and removed anything I don’t love, which has helped me realize I really don’t like the colour blue, or plaid shirts (but I loooove plaid skirts!).

My next step was to think about how I want to represent myself. I want people to see me as an adult (I often get mistaken for a teenager), obviously a woman, someone who always dresses well and to notice that there is something different about me (I want my clothes to somehow reflect my heart for modesty).  I have chosen to wear skirts and dresses almost exclusively, so my outfits are not likely to feature pants. Generally speaking, I don’t follow trends in fashion but am not opposed to them, so being “stylish” isn’t a priority. I have come to the conclusion that I want my clothes to say Here is a well dressed young woman! She dresses with respect and dignity.  

Then I had to think about my lifestyle.  I need clothes that can withstand house work, visits with our families dogs and hauling around firewood.  My clothes can’t restrict my movement but must also look nice for errands, visits with friends, church, etc.

Below are some outfits that I can see myself wearing.  I find it helpful to compare them against my closet to see what items I have that are similar and what I could add to my list of clothes to buy.

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Each of the outfits I posted are feminine, mature without being dowdy, wearable and modest.  They represent the kind of outfits I want to wear!

Once I knew what outfits I like and am aiming to recreate I made a clothes shopping list of items I would like to buy to complete my wardrobe.  Here’s what I put on it:

  • long sleeved tops in brown, mustard, white and purple
  • sweaters in shades of purple
  • thick brown tights
  • solid colour skirts in heavy fabrics
  • dark floral skirts
  • patterned tops

Now whenever I shop, I can keep my list handy so I only buy what I need. I’m also going to ask myself if the clothes I am tempted to buy say that I’m a feminine, adult woman who cares about modesty and being well dressed.  I think this will really help me make sure I only wear clothes I love and that represent the woman I want to be!

Now, for the TL;DR version of this post on finding your personal style:

  1. If you have Pinterest (or magazine cutouts if you’re old skool!!) remove anything that isn’t an outfit you see yourself wearing at this point in your life.
  2. Look at your closet and pull out things you don’t love (you don’t need to get rid of them yet, but I suggest packing them away to see if you actually miss them).  For me this was duplicate items and things I haven’t worn in the last year.
  3. Think about what you want your clothes to say about you (fun, stylish, successful, etc).
  4. Consider your lifestyle and how that translates to the clothes you want to wear (if you work with kids you probably want durable, easy to move in pieces).
  5. Find inspiration photos to compare against your current wardrobe.  See what you need to add to make those outfits a reality and make a list.
  6. Stick with your list when you go shopping!

I hope you find this post helpful!  The idea came from At Home with Elizabeth, so be sure to go check out how she is discovering her signature style.   If you want to see more outfits that I aim to create, check out my Pinterest board of dressy clothes or casual clothes.

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  1. What I love so much about the outfits and styles that you’ve picked is how timeless they are. You could really have worn a lot of those through the past, I don’t know, six decades (or more) and have been considered stylish in every one. I think timeless is a good style to aspire to! I love them all but my favorite look is the gray button skirt with the shawl, I’m thinking there’s a photo of my grandmother wearing something similar when she was younger (which just kind of makes my point).

    BTW: I was in Target last night and they had a see-through lacy white shirt on the rack. Might check online there.

    Also, Maurice’s has this:

    and this:

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