first dress of the season

Today I had another job interview so I wore this new dress my mom got me.  It’s the first time this year I’ve been able to comfortably wear a dress bare legged!

I’d love to take better pictures outside but I don’t because my neighbors might think I’m weird…or maybe weirder than we actually are. I mean, what sane people put a veggie garden in the middle of their front lawn? And sell a giant pool and hot tub? And plant trees all over their yard?  WE DO :)

So for now I’ll take pictures in my bedroom…

pink dress leopard belt

Oh my word, I’m so pale!!!  You’d never guess that I’m part Mediterranean and Mi’kmaq, although I do tan very easily. (also, I may have spilled ice cream on my dress and not noticed until now…oops)

pink dress leopard print belt
Dress: Walmart
Belt: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Payless
THESE SHOESSSSSSS! I had been eyeballing them for months and then one day I saw them on sale for, like, 75% off.  So obviously I bought them! Turns out they had been improperly priced but the cashier gave them to me for the wrong price anyways. YAY. I have a hard time wearing heels because I walk putting my weight on the balls of my feet and that causes ankle, leg and hip pain, but I can wear shoes like this all day with minimal walking (so like at a desk job).  I don’t wear heels often because they all make me taller than David and it’s weird holding hands like that.
 With short hair comes the inevitable tufts of Alfalfa-like hair (anyone get that reference?).  As usual I kept my makeup really simple: liquid foundation, pressed powder (for oil control), mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss. Usually I wear liquid liner but mine dried up and I haven’t bought more so I’m using a an inexpensive Avon liner (which I love).  Lip gloss has recently showed up in my makeup regime thanks to my mom and I think I like wearing it (I’m not 100% sold yet). It reminds me of the purple glittery goop I so desperately wanted to wear in middle school but wasn’t allowed.  Now that I’m a big girl who has a husband and a house I can wear all the makeup I want!  Even red nail polish…which my mom told me is for “ladies only”, not little girls ;)
pink dress leopard print

I’m looking forward to wearing more dresses as the weather warms up. My favourite maxi dress is not too small so I’m on the hunt for a replacement! Have a good weekend, everyone:)

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