five things to love about small house living

The first thing friends and family say when they come into our home is “It’s so BIG!”, but here’s the funny thing: our house is actually pretty small.  If I were to describe our home to you, I’d say it has three bedrooms upstairs, one in the basement, two bathrooms, a large living room, decent sized closets, open kitchen, and fully finished basement with a bar.  Sounds big, right?  Surprisingly, our home is only 1100 square feet!   The layout and tall ceilings make our house seem much more spacious than it is (check out any of the house tour posts to see what I mean!).

5 things

I thought I wanted a big house.  My dream house was actually a few minutes away from my mom’s house, in a newly built subdivision.  It was massive coming in around 3000 square feet, with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a huge basement with a separate rec room, and it was Cape Cod blue…oh, how I loved it!  While it was for sale around the time we were looking, it was about twice our budget!

After living in a smaller house for almost 4 years I can say I’m so glad we don’t have a bigger one.  Small house living has it’s benefits, that’s for sure.  Do you live a small house, but wish it was bigger? Are you planning a move soon and are unsure if a small house is for you?  Then read on, friends, because I’m going to tell you why small house living is awesome!

  1. Less space to clean. I admit, sometimes cleaning is quite the chore, and just the thought of tackling the entire house tuckers me out. However, if I try I can do it all in a few hours.  The bedrooms and bathroom are relatively small, so it doesn’t take much to get them cleaned up, and the living areas can be tidied on a daily basis in minutes.  Larger houses mean more to clean, which is not something I’d enjoy!
  2. Property tax is lower. This might not be true for all homes, or in all cities, but generally a house with a smaller footprint is going to cost less in property tax than a larger home.  Obviously, property taxes could increase each year, but overall, the rates will likely be more manageable with a smaller home.  Consider yourself blessed if your taxes are on the low side!
  3. Easier to live simply. I’m all about decluttering and not having useless stuff in the home, and it’s so much easier to live clutter free if you don’t have the space.  For example, a friend of mine loves antiquing, but she has a small home too, and usually just puts her finds in her garage.  They aren’t getting any use, just sitting in storage.  When she asked me if I like going too, I said I don’t even bother looking for antiques since I know I have no place for them in our home.  The smaller your home is, the easier it is to say “no” to extra furniture and items that have no place.  Living simply is great because it allows you to save money; lets you enjoy the few items you have; reminds us that our stuff is all temporary; forces you to spend time on what’s truly important (faith, family, friends).
  4. Closer with family. Maybe this isn’t a bonus for some people, but it is for me!  Since our home is pretty small it means David and I can spend time together even if we are doing seperate things.  He can do his homework in the dining room while I’m a few feet away in the living room reading.  We may not be talking or even sitting together, but at least we can be close and still be together.  This also works well if you have small kids and want to keep an eye on them while doing your daily tasks.  I think families that spend good, quality time together early on will grow up close and stay that way as adults.
  5. Costs less to furnish. While that may not seem important to you, it was for me!  We bought our home as young (almost) newlyweds and then spent the month before our wedding moving out stuff in from our parent’s homes, and buying new things.  We had already spent a ton of money on the downpayment for the house, and didn’t want to buy much else.  Thankfully, since our house is small, we didn’t need to buy a lot of living room furniture (for example) since we didn’t have a lot of space.

Small house living can be great, if we purposefully choose to see it in a positive light.  Do you love small house living?  I love my small house



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6 comments on “five things to love about small house living

  1. Umm, you don’t have a small home. Not compared to most homes here in Europe. An average home here has 2 bedrooms, 1 small bathroom, a small living room and kitchen. Your size of home would be unattainable to most of us. Enjoy your large home!

  2. Yes, I love my small home too, but my home is smaller than yours at 800 sq feet. I am retired now and this cozy home is much easier to clean and maintain. I’m always looking for ways to improve my use of my home. Enjoy your home and your family and I am glad you don’t spend all your time cleaning!

  3. Your home sounds lovely!! We have a small house and I love it!!!
    We have two bedrooms and one bath a nice size kitchen/dining room and a living room :)
    Now days the only time I wish it were bigger is when our girls are home with Their families ❤️

  4. I, too, have a small home. We built on an addition to add a little extra space though. :) I love our small, simple home. We do not have closets in the rooms though which makes storage very, very difficult. My children’s bedrooms are quite small (dormer size) but we praise God for the blessing of owning a home and we definitely make do with what we have! We are truly grateful.

    Have a lovely week!

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