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Yet another maxi dress post!  I’m glad they are in fashion now but I’ve been wearing this dress for nearly 5 years now.  It’s the very first long dress I bought at a time in my life where I wasn’t feeling too feminine.   I had cut my hair short for the first time and I pretty much lived in jeans and sweaters.  I don’t know if this dress brought me out of my rut but I keep going back to it all these years later.

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Old Navy
Sandals: Birkenstock
This cardigan is also fairly old and I’ve worn it so many times. I like the length of it because it keeps me warm on chilly summer evenings but is light enough that I won’t overheat.
I noticed my nails almost matched the blue in the dress pattern so I had to snap a picture.  Plus, I love showing off my rings ;)  And no, they are not on upside down…I wear my engagement ring first on purpose.
Since this dress is floral I doubt I can transition it into my fall wardrobe once the weather cools down.  I’m lucky now that it is still fairly warm out so hopefully I can squeeze in a few more days with this dress! I’ve worn it so much this summer I’ve lost count!

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  1. I was reading another more recent post, and this was suggested at the bottom….This could TOTALLY be a fall wardrobe item with the right sweater! A burnt orange, pine green, or even mustard yellow would work I think!

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