flower headband

Flower headbands have been everywhere this summer (take a look on Pinterest if you don’t believe me!), so naturally, I tried to avoid them.  I make a conscious decision to avoid trendy items, since they are only in fashion for a short time, but something kept pulling me towards flower headbands.    I refrained from buying them because I didn’t want to jump on the trend bandwagon and I thought I would look like a giant toddler wearing flowers on her head.

Well, my mind was changed when I took my mom out for some birthday shopping June! We saw a headband  and she insisted I try it on. Now, my mother thinks I look good in every.single.thing. I wear so when she squealed “Ooooh, that looks so CUUUUUTE on you!” I just shrugged my shoulders.  So of course, she calls the cashier over and asks what she thinks of the headband on me.  Both the cashier and my mom assured me I didn’t look like an oversized child so I bought the headband!

I’m still a little self conscious wearing it but I think I like the look of it (see it here)!  The headband completed an outfit I wore on the weekend when David and I drove down to Niagara region (in Canada) for some fresh peaches.

We took these photos with my Blackberry since my little purse camera died, but they turned out pretty well!

flower headband outfit

Can I mention how tanned my skin is? I am not an advocate for sun tanning (why would you WANT to risk getting skin caner?!) so my darkened colour is due to yard work and a couple beach days.  But I always, always wear sunblock.

flower headband outfit

Oh yeah…and when did my hair get so GINGER?!  My hair has always been brown, except for a few times when the sun lightens it and red somehow appears.  It happened in high school too (clicky here and look at the last picture), but it still surprises me when David tells me my hair is so red.


flower headband


This outfit kept me cool, was comfortable for driving a total of 7 hours and looks somewhat put together. I’d definitely wear it again!



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