four things I’ve learned about being a homeowner

Today marks the fourth year that David and I have been homeowners!  After looking at dozens of homes, we decided on a quirky little wood house a 40 minute drive East of the nearest major town. Being a homeowner has taught me a lot of things, but I’ve narrowed it down to just four, in honour of four years.


  1. Home ownership IS possible at a young age! I’m going to brag a bit here…when David and I bought our home, he was 24 and I had recently turned 22.  We had been engaged for 1 year and 3 months, and spent every single day being very careful with our money so that we could afford to buy a home we loved.  Renting was not something we wanted to do and we were determined to buy, so we set a goal and worked towards it.  In all honesty, we wanted to get married right away but knew that we couldn’t afford a home yet.  Tacking on several extra months meant we were a little closer to finding our home.
  2. All homes have problems.  We had a home inspection done prior to purchase, and whatever issues were found, we had addressed.  But it’s impossible to know what lurks behind walls, or in ceilings without be able to get in and look.  We have experienced a leaky roof (thanks to some ill placed nail holes), metal pipes that burst behind walls (seriously, who puts a shower pipe against an exterior wall?!), and more that I am almost embarrassed to admit. Did we buy a bad house? NO!  All home, regardless of age, have problems.  A brand new house will settle and you will see cracks in the walls…an older home will have it’s own set of problems, too.  Our home is structurally sound, which is most important!  All the other “projects” can be dealt with. **
  3. I may never have my “dream home” but that’s okay.  In an ideal world my home would look a lot different!  But this isn’t dreamland…it’s real life and our home suits our needs.  There are things I’d change, but hanging on to the idea of a dream home is not doing me any good.   It’s actually damaging and prevents me from enjoying the gift God has given me (check out point 3 in this post).
  4. There is a big difference between a “house” and a “home”.  A house is a man made dwelling that has a roof and walls.  But a home is where you spend time with loved ones and make memories.  Our home isn’t the biggest, fanciest, or even nicest home I’ve ever been to, but it’s OURS.  By putting in an effort to actually like my house I am able to enjoy it more.

Are you a homeowner?  What have you learned since purchasing your home?

**Now, some people may be okay with living in a fixer upper home, which requires constant work.  If that is you, great!  You might not mind having to replace the roof, windows, furnace, floors, etc, all within a few months.  But for people like us, who lack the time and money for numerous major projects, be mindful of what repairs the home needs BEFORE purchasing.  A home inspection can tell you about the roof, some of the plumbing, if the electrical box is to code, etc., so carefully consider those findings before making your purchase.



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4 comments on “four things I’ve learned about being a homeowner

  1. Great post Christina! We recently moved into our fifth home and I am here to tell you you learn something new with each home. Our last home we renovated top to bottom but that still didn’t take away all the traffic noise and the terrible neighbour across the street. After 18 months of being miserable we had enough. We are very happy in our new home in a quiet little town of 4,000. Yes, the house needs things done to it but we are taking it slowly. I recently found out one of my elderly neighbours is moving. A friend from our old neighbourhood came and looked at his house and has bought it! Hmmm, maybe I should get a commission!

    • I’m glad you are able to enjoy your home, and it sounds like it was worth the wait! How wonderful that your friend will be a new neighbour!! Sounds like you represent the community well:)

  2. I love your post! I was 22 when my husband and I purchased our (first) home – it wasn’t a fixer upper, but the one we have now is. Fixer uppers are great, but like you said they require constant work (and money… which is why we still are using only one bathroom and the kitchen floor isn’t glued down yet haha).
    You guys are a cute couple!
    Visiting from a link-up. I love your blog, looking forward to reading more.

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