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What a week we’ve had weather wise!  It snowed a lot, was very windy and now it’s mild with a lot of rain.  Normally I’d take rain over snow any day but we’ve realized that water leaks into our garage via the window…so that’s not fun. On days like today we will likely have to vacuum out the window well every few hours and pump the water from the rain barrel several times. So sometimes snow is better…until it melts.

Let’s get started with my list of interesting/funny/weird/cat related things for this week.

  1. Imagine you’re a kid again and your parent’s give you a stuffed toy that looks exactly like a drawing you did.  Mind blown? 
  2. Who doesn’t love Disney-Pixar’s Up?  It was the first 3D movie my husband and I saw together when we were dating, so it’s very dear to me.  Did you know there’s a house similar to Carl and Ellie’s?
  3. Vintage shots of the making of MGM’s roaring lion logo.
  4. NY Times say that finally casseroles are cool.
  5. This guy has some pretty famous “friends”.

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