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Last weekend David and I took his parent’s dogs out for a walk and we went snow shoeing.  It was really neat and not as hard as I expected.  I kept getting snow up the back of my pants so I may wear snowpants next time.

This weekend I’m going to see a movie with a friend from high school (who I haven’t seen since graduation 6 years ago).  But not just any old movie…the Veronica Mars Movie!!!  For those who haven’t heard of it, Veronica Mars was a TV series about a teenage detective.  It was awesome but was unexpectedly cancelled after only a few seasons.  Now years later, the movie has been crowd funded and I get to see it:)  

Now, please enjoy some interesting tid bits from the world wide web.

  1. Of course, the Veronica Mars trailer makes this list.  The movie is only being shown in select theatres for a few days.  But you can purchase a download copy online!
  2. Happy 25th birthday, Internet.
  3. Have you seen this video?  It’s pretty neat.
  4. SOOOOO obsessed with this TV show!  
  5. I need this.
I think my favourite item on this list is #5…if you know me you will understand why.

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