fridge “tour” (or, what we keep in a real food fridge)

If you are a long time reader of Our Wood Home you may remember back when I used to post recipes.  While I LOVE cooking I found that I didn’t have time to take pictures and post recipes of our meals since I started working again.  Other times I’d make a a regular, simple meal that I didn’t feel was blog worthy. I’m going to attempt to post more recipes, though!  And to kick it off I thought I’d show you what kind of food we eat.  I’ve written before about our diet, and how we shop for groceries once a month but I’ve never actually shown you what we buy.


Before I start with pictures, let me summarize our eating habits for those who are unfamiliar with them (I encourage you to go read the linked posts though!): We eat a variety of meat, grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables in their most natural form possible.  We use whole wheat flour, natural sweeteners (local maple syrup or local honey) and real chocolate in our baked goods.  Eating local and/or supporting local grocers is a priority whenever possible.  We don’t follow a specific diet, like Paleo or Whole 30, but we aim to eat foods with as few ingredients as possible.  On occasion we will buy a bag of chips or a pizza but everything is done in moderation.

We grocery shop once a month to save time and money which forces us to plan our meals. Last night was our shopping trip for the month of June and we tried out a new, locally owned grocery store.  We spent a little more than we usually do but we stocked up on A LOT of things, plus we are having company over next month so we need more food.  The pictures I’m showing you are of the fridge and freezer after unpacking…it’s not pretty or organized yet but it’s real REAL FOOD (I’ll post a prettier picture on Facebook!).


I warned you…it’s not pretty yet!  The aim here was to literally just put all the produce away before it got too hot and wilted.  Today I’ll be washing everything (in a 4:1 mix of water and vinegar) and putting it in containers to stay fresh and handy for snacking.

Two crispers is not enough!  The left one has lettuce, celery, cucumber and zucchini.  The other drawer has some more lettuce and a lot of apples.  Did you know apples can stay fresh for more than a month in the crisper?!


The bottom shelf of the door has some treats (yaaaay chocolate milk!) that we haven’t had in a very long time.  My new favourite drink is homemade Sprite, which I WILL be blogging!



The freezer on the bottom (which I adore!) houses frozen things we use often such as ice and fruit.  We aim to make fresh smoothies every morning for breakfast so having the fruit close makes it easier.  Also in this freezer is frozen juice, with no sugar or colour or added flavour. Additionally, there’s coffee, extra butter, veggies and a large zippered bag of veggie scraps I save for making broth.



Notice I didn’t mention any meat? We have a full size freezer in the basement which we use for meat and overstock of food like bread, cheese, butter and homemade stock.  That freezer is waaaay too messy to share, but it currently has chicken, 2 whole salmon, pork ribs, local sausage, butter, cheese, beef stock, veggie stock, chicken stock, chopped mushrooms in individual bags for omelettes or homemade pizza, grapefruit, lemons, oranges, carrots…I think that is it!

Did you know that citrus fruit can be frozen and thawed later?  What is the weirdest thing in your fridge?  We have a bottle of homemade, liquid aspirin!



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