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I frequently change up the decor in our house, not by buying new things but by moving furniture or items to another room.  For example, we use a bedroom night stand as a living room side table because it looks nicer out in the living room.  Another example is my side table from my old bedroom at my mom’s house.  It used to be an antique-y looking silver but when we moved into our current house I decided to paint it bright red and use it as a side table in the living room.

This was a few months after we moved in. 

In the past year and half that red table has been moved around the living room to various places and now rests right by the front door as our entryway table.

Painting by my cousin, Cyril Williams! Seriously, go check out his page (just click his name to be redirected).

We had a book shelf there before and it was mainly a place to display some books, vintage bottles and other knick knacks. I decided to move it to the basement to be used as a DVD shelf and I wanted a small table in its place.  The table’s main purpose is to be a catch all for David’s things like keys, wallet and watch when he comes home from work (he used to leave those things on the counter, which was fine, but I realized I needed more space to cook). Now he can leave everything on a green leaf tray on the table.

front entry vingette
For visual interest, and practicality, I kept some books and used my cat wine bottles as book ends.  The books are David’s Audubon reference books which we actually use a lot to identify birds we see.  
entry way vingette

I’m still having mixed feelings about this red table…I wanted something taller and had seen some for sale at stores but they were too pricey for me.  This option works well so I think I just need to give it some time.  I know I’m going to repaint it purple, so hopefully that makes me like it more!

Relocating furniture to other rooms of the house is a great, easy and FREE way to change the look of a room.

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