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Are you guys getting tired of seeing outfits centered on maxi skirts yet?  No? Good!!  Because that’s pretty much all I’ve been wearing this winter!  I wore a pair of pants when I went shopping last week and was so uncomfortable (and cold!).   I’m trying to get into the habit of dressing nicely when I’m just hanging out at home and skirts are a great way for me to feel put together but still able to move around and do housework.  The outfit I’m showing today is what I wore on Saturday to work at the library in the morning.  When I got home I carried wood in, tidied the kitchen and did other chores.


I bought this (and 2 others!) skirt recently at a thrift store and am very happy with my purchase!  It’s a heavier fabric which means it keeps me warm and the cut of the skirt is pretty.  I’ve already worn this skirt A LOT, and for various activities such as church, shopping, work and around the house.

In Canada there is still a lot of snow and it’s very cold.  Right now we are at -14C, but the last few days have been closer to -40 with the wind chill factored in. I don’t want to spend time outside, but it’s inevitable sometimes so I’ve been layering like crazy!


I wear thick or fleece lined tights, then knee socks and sometimes tall boots. I always have at least 2 shirts on, but more often than not I’m wearing 3.  And let me tell you: I’ve been warmer in skirts this winter than I have any other year wearing pants.  With pants (jeans specifically) it’s hard to layer thick tights underneath and still be able to move freely.  I suppose one could buy another, looser pair of jeans specifically for wearing over tights, but that just seems like a bit much.  I’d rather buy some long skirts that work in all seasons!  Since this skirt flares away from my body I can wear tights, jeans or even PJs underneath to stay warm without looking bulky.

I’ve clearly been wearing a lot of skirts lately, but am still undecided about continuing to do so in the warmer months.  They will always be my go-to item for looking dressed up but I tend to favour shorts for housework and gardening in the spring and summer.  Maybe because I don’t want to ruin any of my skirts or dresses with cleaner or mud…But now I want to know what you guys think!  If you are an avid skirt wearer, do you do “dirty” work like gardening in skirts?  Do you have some that are specifically for work like that?  Bonus question: share a layering tip with me for winter!!


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  1. Hmm, I guess my layering tip would be to use a lot of small layers. Thin layers will keep you from looking puffy and lots of layers will keep heat in better than one big layer. Love the skirt!!

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