growing out a pixie cut (part 1)

It’s no secret that I prefer having my hair short.  It’s been cut this way for about 2.5 years and my long hair days are a distant memory now.  But I do remember that my hair used to be curly…oh, it was lovely.  After an unfortunate hair cut, the curl didn’t return.  Over the years it got more wavy and less curly, so after being frustrated with it I cut it into a bob, then a pixie.  But now I’m trying something new: growing it out again because my hair is starting to get a little wavy (even at this length).

Usually I get my hair cut and shaped every 4-6 weeks, but my last hair cut was at the end of July. The plan is to grow it out until spring!

These pictures below show my hair at it’s ideal length.  Nice and short on the sides and back but with a little length on top.

growing out a pixie cut

growing out a pixie cut


How it Looks

Those pictures were taken in June, so for my haircut in July I just had the bangs and top parts thinned out. I’m counting this as my last hair cut.


My hair grows pretty fast, so by August I had gained back my length on top.  In these photos it had been about 4 weeks since my last cut. Notice how much thicker the top is! The back of my hair is filling in nicely but the rat tail at the bottom grows the fastest and needs regular trims.

growing out a pixie cut

Here is the 8 week comparison.  The back is already considerably longer!  The top section of my hair is getting heavy but there doesn’t seem to be much change since last month.  These photos don’t show the wave in my hair, but trust me: it’s there!

growing out a pixie cut

how I feel

At this point I’m getting sort of tired of the overall length of my hair and am wishing I could just go chop it short again.  But I really only want the top and my bangs shorter…and leaving the back longish would be too mullet-y, right?  Plus, the more hair I have, the warmer my head is in this cold weather.  But thinking about the 6+ months left ahead for growth frustrates me because I remember what my hair looked like last time I tried to grow out a short cut.  At the same time I’m excited because I am really hoping my hair returns to being curly and even if it doesn’t I will at least have some length to play with (because I miss braids!).

next steps

David has been keeping my rat tail under control and will continue to cut it every few weeks as needed.  So far the overall shape of my hair is tolerable and I don’t think I need to see my stylist for a trim or reshape.

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Is anyone else currently growing out their short hair?



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  1. Hi there. :) In all courteousness, we like your blog; it is very nice, truly. In addition, we like your pixie hairstyle and your longer hairstyle (we attended to your blog from your nice YouTube channel). To reply to your question, Matthew is not growing out his short hair, but Annmarie is growing hers out a bit, just to see how the most recent short hairstyle shapes out. :) In all courteousness, may your husband and you have a lovely weekend. May the lightness follow you! Thx! :D

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