growing out a pixie cut (part 2)

It’s been 2 months since my last pixie cut post and A LOT has changed with my hair!  If you missed the first post in the series, you can catch up here or just peek the TL;DR version now!

To sum up the previous pixie cut post:  I have decided to grow out my hair after having a very short pixie cut for almost 3 years.  I really like having my hair short but I’m ready for a change, and am hoping my hair gains it’s natural curl back as it grows (you can see my hair in it’s naturally long state at the start of this post.)  It’s been 4 months since my last cut (minus the occasional rat tail trim)!

How it looks

Here is how my hair looked around the time of my last real hair cut.

flower headband

And here is a full view of my hair now!

growing out a pixie cut

Ohhhh, the back is such a mess!  As I said before, David was taking the electric razor to the rat tail area but he had’t touched it in a while.  Today I saw my hair dresser for a quick tidying up of the back and here is the result.

before and after trim

Much better!!  Now it looks like my hair style is intentional and not some weird, shaggy mullet thing!  For comparison, here is a collage of the back of my hair since August.

back of hair

What a change between the top right photo and the top bottom one!  If my hair keeps growing at the same rate I might be able to get it shaped into a bob by February!  There is a slight wave to my hair now, which I like.  It’s not very noticeable in this month’s photos because my hair is unwashed and I had just woken up.

How I feel

In November I was getting really annoyed with the hair over my ears because it started to flip up.  It looked silly so I resorted to clipping it behind my ears since it was too short to tuck.  I also discovered a new way of styling so that it looks like I have some sort of up-do (it can be seen in my “about me” picture on the blog’s right sidebar).  The curl us returning, so I’m very happy about that!  I think I have passed the most awkward grow out phase and am looking forward to more growth!  And I’m amazed at how much my hair has grown already!

Next Steps

I’m waiting for the hair above my ears to get about 2 inches longer and then I think I could have an intentional looking bob.  My hair has grown a lot so far, but I’ve done nothing special to encourage growth.  Although, I do brush my hair twice a day and I’ve heard that scalp stimulation can increase growth.  I’ve also been going 2 days between washes, not using any product or heat tools, all of which I think help!

Are any of you currently growing out a pixie cut?  If you are here is some advice based on my two posts in this series:

  1. Be kind to your hair!  Healthy hair will likely grow faster, so refrain from over washing, using a lot of product and refrain from using heat tools.
  2. Get regular trims around your hairline on the back of you head, since that is usually the area that grows fastest.  Most hair dressers will do this (and bang trims) for free or a very low cost.
  3. Use fun accessories to hold your hair off your face if it starts getting annoying.  There are really cute headbands and bobby pins out there, but I’m LOVING Flexi Clips right now!  I use the XXS size to clip my bangs back.

Edited: here is a really good comparison shot of the back of my hair!

growing out a pixie cut


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  1. I’ve heard that growing out a pixie takes quite the process and you look as if you are doing it so stylishly !
    Fun to watch the process :)
    thanks for sharing this post on Wearing with Wisdom #136 !

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