growing out a pixie cut (part 3)

Wow, has it already been seven months since I decided to let my hair grow out?  I admit I thought the process would be a lot worse, but so far, it has been tolerable!

how it looks

7 months

That’s how my hair looks with no real styling.  It’s still very “wash and go” but I’m currently experimenting with the best way to bring out the curl.

pixie cut back of hair

It seems to have stopped growing as much in the back, as is evident by my more infrequent rat tail trims.  The other layers are catching up though! It looks like my hair got shorter between November and February but I’ve had to have parts of it trimmed to avoid the mullet look. Plus, the curl makes it seem shorter.

Now I can actually do some hairstyles and have been playing around with braids a lot.

modest winter outfit modest winter outfitgrown out pixie braid grown out pixie

Remember when I wrote about my first Flexi Clip hair accessory?  I bought the smallest size possible (like the one shown above) and I had barely enough hair to keep it in place back in October. Now, I need to go up a few sizes!

How i feel

I’m excited!  The original goal was to last until spring without getting a major hair cut, but I think I will wait even longer.  I was telling David that I’m unsure how I will get it cut in a few months, meaning: will I get it layered or keep it all the same length?  He suggested keeping it all the same length, so that’s what I’ll do.  I admit, I’m not really looking forward to that, simply because my hair is so thick.  When it is not layered, it tends to get puffy, but if I do layer it then it will not look as full.

At the same time, I feel sort of sad that my hair is no longer short.  I reeeeeally liked the way it looked, how it made me sort of different, the ease of styling (which was wash and air dry!), how it never got in my way, etc. Now I get frustrated with my hair a lot more often.  The length is kind of weird since it’s between being super short and moderately long.  I’m hoping that I like the way my hair looks when it gets longer, or else this whole growing out phase will have been a waste.

Next steps

Waiting for my first real haircut since summer!  Also deciding on a hair style…I’m hoping my hair will be around shoulder length by fall,similar to this photo from 2009.


The next thing to decide is what I will do with my bangs.  I’ve had some form of bangs, whether they be full and straight across, short and choppy, or side swept for as long as I can remember.  I’m comfortable with bangs but I’m hesitant to get them again because they might be harder to incorporate into hair styles. Here is my “inspiration photo” from several years ago when I had full bangs (this photo was taken with my Aunt and I’m not sure she wants her face posted online, which is why I cropped it).


Bangs or no bangs?  I guess I’ll have to wait and see how the rest of my hair looks once it grow a bit more. I would LOVE for my hair to get this long again

Who else is growing out a pixie cut?

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4 comments on “growing out a pixie cut (part 3)

  1. Oh the joys of growing out your hair! I went through this a few years back as I wanted to go to one length hair. Yours seems to be growing fairly quickly and has a nice wave to it. Mine seems to have stopped growing very much now. It is down around the middle of my back.
    Take care and have a good day!

    • Yes, it can be quite trying at times! I’ve heard from a lot of women that once their hair gets very long, it sort of stops growing. I wonder why that is…

  2. I like the way your hair looks when the bangs area is twisted or braided to the side…whether short or long I think it is flattering to your face :) It also still keeps hair out of your face like a short pixie cut would .
    My hair is currently almost to my waist but I still wear it this way as described or as a small 2 or 3 inch wide band/swath and pulled back slightly off to one side and fastened with a few bobby pins. Even when my other hair is down and around my shoulders nothing is hanging down or getting in my face.

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