growing out a pixie cut (part 4)

Wow, it’s been nine months since I started letting my pixie cut grow out!  In case you missed the first three parts, I will link up to them at the end of the post. I’m really happy with how my hair has been progressing!

how it looks

pixie cut part 4

I had been delaying this post for a few days until my hair was looking PERFECT, but then I gave up and used photos from today.  Honestly, my hair is a little dirty and the curl isn’t great but this is REAL.  As you can see, the curl has come back but mostly in small waves.  There are days where I get a huge curl around my temples but on the underside, but mostly my hair looks like this.  Bangs are still not long enough to tuck behind my ear, but they are manageable since I can usually coerce them into curling away from my face.  I’m pleased with the length overall, because I look like I have a bob:)   I’m still getting used to styling my hair, and am trying french braids more often, but most days it looks like a toddler did it!

how I feel

Sometimes I miss my short hair because it was so easy to deal with.  I washed it every other day and it was dry in 10 minutes, but now my hair tangles easily, requires more styling effort, and takes a lot longer to dry.  I refuse to use a blow dryer, so my hair takes around 4 hours to dry, since it is growing quite thick again.  I’ve discovered the best way to bring out the natural curl is to comb my hair while in the shower (and it is soaking wet), then scrunch it by wet handfuls to both wring out water and define the curl.  So far this has been working well!  I’m also parting it more towards the middle, instead of off to the side.  I’m feeling excited about how much length I’ve gained in less than one year, and curious to see how my hair progresses.  Will the curl become even more defined naturally?  How much will it thicken up overall?

next steps

I’m going to continue my hair care routine, which is to wash it every few days using vegetable glycerin soap, then apply a homemade orange vinegar rinse (recipe coming soon!) every day in the shower.  I wash the rinse out and it leaves my hair feeling clean without stripping the natural oils.  Then before bed I brush it with a hairbrush to stimulate growth.  There are some hair styles I’d like to try once my hair gets a bit longer, and I REALLY need practice!

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