growing out a pixie cut (part 5; one year later)

Yes it’s true…I’ve been growing out my very short pixie cut for a whole year now!  Last summer I decided I wanted a change and planned to let my hair grow at least until spring time without cutting it.  Here I am, a year later, and I’ve only had one haircut but that was to make my shaggy head look a little more polished.

how it looks:

Obviously, it’s longer!  The curl has come back in full swing, which I’m really happy about, and my natural highlights are more prominent.  I’m pleased with the way my hair has grown out because it sort of looks like an intentional style now. Except from the side view, where you can see that my bangs are much more blunt and short than the rest of my hair.  I sort of forgot how thick and heavy my hair is when it’s longer!  It’s definitely taking some getting used to.

july19 16

How I feel:

I’m glad I decided to do this growth experiment, but at times I miss the ease of short hair.  Now I actually have to take time to style my hair, it gets windblown a lot easier, and it stays wet after washing for hours (I put it up yesterday morning for work, and when I got home at 7 PM it was still damp in places).  However, I’m enjoying getting the hang of braiding again, and am getting a lot of use out of my flexi clips!  At times I feel really self conscious of my hair because I am so unsure of styling, so I don’t know if what I do looks okay.  With time and practice, and lots of Pinterest searching, I know I can master some easy styles again.

Next Steps:

At some point I need to go for a hair cut, not for length, but to have my stylist reshape my hair so it looks like a well blended bob.  I’m in no rush and will likely wait until September, though.  I’m also planning to spend some time practicing various hair styles that work with this awkward length, especially braids.  Just as I got the hang of a french braid, I cut my hair, so now I need to relearn that skill.

Here is a comparison photo of my hair one year ago, and then today.  I’m planning to recreate the top photo exactly this summer, but with longer hair :)

one year


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