growing out a pixie cut (part six; two years later)

Has it really been two years since I started this growing out process?! Some of you may be newer readers who don’t know about my short hair, or perhaps you have been with me since day one, or when I started my first fashion post. I thought it would be fun to take a few minutes and talk about my hair growing journey, what I’ve learned, and what I’d do differently.

As a refresher, here is what my hair was like two years ago, in July 2015 when I decided to stop cutting it short.

Here is my hair one year later, in 2016. This is with a few trims to keep the crazy mullet look away!

And if you are reading my blog, it is likely you have seen photos of my recently, but I will include one for comparison anyways. So here is my hair two years after the start of my growing out.

I want to first start by saying that I see nothing wrong with women having short hair, as long as she does not do it for attention (just as long hair can be a purposeful attention grabber).  When I cut my hair short a few years ago, I did it because I wanted a change, and my husband supported it. In my opinion, it is not sinful for a Christian woman to have short hair, not does it make her less of a woman or a Christian.  That may sound weird to you, especially if you totally agree with me, but honestly, I have heard both of those statements made about myself when my hair was short.  Around that time, I had considered head covering because I thought the people insulting my hair would be pacified if they knew I was at least doing SOMETHING Biblical about my hair.  Yes, it is crazy. But people can be cruel.  All that to say, I did not grow my hair because women shouldn’t have short hair.  I did it because I was ready for another change.  My husband and I met when my hair was shorter (see a photo here), and he had seen it longer, but didn’t have a preference.  So when I told him I’d like to grow it out again back in 2015, he said that was fine.  At the time, I committed to growing it out from July 2015 to Spring 2016.  I wanted to publicly document the growth so that I’d have a bit of accountability, in case I gave up and wanted to cut it short again.  Cutting it short was very freeing at the time, but in 2015 I decided to venture into a more feminine look.  My hair was quite curly as  teenager so I wanted to see if it would come back, since it was stick straight in a pixie cut.


How it looks:

Right now it is a few inches past my shoulders, which makes me feel like a mermaid!  Seriously, it is so long compared to a couple years ago.  The curl has obviously come back, but the colour has changed quite a bit.  Last summer I had a lot of blonde growth, which I can only assume was from the sun since I don’t dye my hair.  Now the blonde is mostly at the ends of my hair, and the rest is sort of a reddish-brown.  My hair is not intentionally layered, but my bangs have been growing out so are several inches shorter than the rest of my hair.  I don’t want to cut everything to be the same length, since it would be a fair bit shorter than it is today.  But wearing it in a braid or bun helps hides the uneven layers.

How i feel:

Literally like Rapunzel.  My hair is a lot longer than I thought it would be at this point.  It gets caught in my purse strap, sometimes in the seat belt and under David’s arm when he puts it over my shoulders. I had forgotten why I always layered my hair before…because it is SO HEAVY when it is one length (or mostly one). In addition to all the added weight, it is quite thick, so going outside with my hair down in the middle of summer is out of the question.  I feel like this flowy, crazy, hair is more accurate to how I feel now.  This hairstyle is a different kind of feminine from my pixie cut, but it is still pretty carefree.  I had given up all hair products when I cut my hair short, but when it was longer than a pixie cut, I was still using styling creams, sprays, and special shampoos in an attempt to manage the frizz that comes with my hair.  Honestly though, I am fine with frizzy hair now. I feel more authentic when I just let my hair be as it is.  I have been wearing a head covering most days, and that has helped keep frizz and flyaways off my face.  Overall, I feel good about my choice to grow my hair.  It has been interesting and frustrating, but I am glad I did it.  And honestly, I probably won’t go back to short hair now that I know how to properly care for my curly hair without products or chemicals.

Next steps:

Nothing is planned yet, except to keep letting my hair grow.  I don’t have a specific length in mind, but at least halfway down my back, since that is the longest I’ve had it before. Maybe I will let it get waist length, maybe not.  Once I have a few more inches of length I will likely get it trimmed several times so that my bangs can be blended in.

Final thoughts:

  1. Short hair does not automatically mean masculinity.  It can be very feminine on some women, and I’m glad I experienced short hair for a few years.
  2. As much as I loved my short hair, I am enjoying the curl I have now far too much to want to cut it short again.  Who knows? I may change my mind in a couple years, since I vowed never to grow my hair long again after getting that pixie cut!  It just goes to show that people change their minds, and it is really is JUST hair.
  3. Hair products are not something I see as “evil” or “unbiblical” or whatever other negative adjective that may pop into your head.  As with makeup, I just don’t use them.  I honestly don’t care if you do or don’t because that is your choice, not mine.
  4. I believe my hair grows so fast because I basically leave it alone.  It is washed twice a week with gentle soap, occasionally rinsed with vinegar, and left to dry naturally.  Maybe my hair grows fast because of what I do, and don’t do.  Or maybe my hair grows at a normal rate.  I don’t know! does it really matter?

I hope you have enjoyed this post series!

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