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This post is brought to you by my friend, Alycia, who is the owner of True You Makeup Artistry and a Lise Watier makeup artist.

Makeup changes every year and everyone has such different complexion, eye shapes, lips, cheek bones and so on.  Knowing what kind of holiday look to do for yourself can be pretty difficult. My advice for you is to starting playing. Look at the advertisements and magazines, try them. There is a basic way to apply makeup; however I can tell you right now I alter it for everyone I work on.

The colours are gorgeous for the 2013 Holiday season.  Put away your bronzers ladies unless you are using it for your contour. It’s December and we live in Canada, so generally we all lose our tan from the summer.  Being lighter skin toned is not something we need to try and cover up for the year. If you are very fair and don’t have much colour in your skin, bronzer will give you that little bit, but going for the bronzed look is for summer not Christmas or New Years.   Keep in mind that powders are only good for you ladies, like myself, who have oily skin.  If your skin is normal to dry the powder foundation is just going to dry it out more and that is not what we need during this time of year!  Always make sure you have a good primer because it makes it easier to work with different foundations. Primers are the thing to use right now and they work wonders for all skins types!!
 Blush does wonders but some ladies don’t wear it, and I think that reason is a misunderstanding. Blush gives you that natural healthy colour in your cheeks that you should have, and putting on foundation tends to cover it up. Without blush you could look washed out and unhealthy. Since it’s cold outside, your cheeks should have a rosy glow anyways that you can create with blush.  The wonderful colours I am in love with for this time of year have purple or red tones; something that is natural but not bright pink!
A lot of ladies love to play up their eyes. The fantastic colours to play with this time of year are golds, bronze browns, navy blue, holiday greens, silver and SPARKLES! When going out for a Holiday dinner, or a Holiday party sparkles are fun! You can use sparkle eyeliners, or just sparkles in general. You can go for a smoky look with any of the suggested colours. A smoky eye doesn’t  need to be the traditional black smoky eye, it can just be your normal evening look but smoked out! Using dark browns , navy blue, green, or purples are beautiful options  Applying it can be the tricky part. When you are applying make sure you always start with less. It is easier to add than it is to take away.  Also make sure you are blending it in an upward direction, so it doesn’t drag your eye and face down (you want it to lift your eye and face!).  Always make sure everything is nicely blended. Once you complete your eye shadow add some eyeliner. You can go with a pencil, which can be smudged out on the top and halfway on the bottom, or you can use liquid or cream on the top lid and use a pencil on the bottom to be smudged and have a more defined look on top. To finish off that perfect eye you need your mascara, or if you really want to dress things up some false lashes. Any amount of mascara will do as long as you have your lashes enhanced with that mascara. Do what you’re comfortable with. I love to play up my lashes but I am lucky to have full long lashes.

an example of a smoky eye that is perfect for a holiday night out!


Finally Lips! I am not a huge fan of lipstick because I often find it drying and hate having to reapply it to keep it looking fresh.  I usually like to do a dramatic eye and stick with a more natural or nude lip.  In that case I will use a lip gloss with a little bit of colour in it.  That being said, I do love to use lipstick on clients! I love the dark berry or ox blood red for this season.  The holiday season is the time to use darker lipstick shades, so put your brights away until next summer! Browns, purples, reds and berry tones are the colours to rock this season.  Right now I’m loving the look of a dark purple shade on a dark skinned woman…so beautiful!
an example of a more natural holiday look suited for a daytime holiday meal or even for work during the holiday season.
gotta love the winged liner!!!
I hope you find my makeup advice useful this holiday season.   Stay safe everyone and have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love True You Makeup Artistry!

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