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One of the things I like about our house is how open everything is.  The ceilings are high, lots of natural light comes in, and the living spaces feel much larger thanks to a lack of walls. As soon as you walk in the front door, you are in our living room, and have a view of the kitchen, dining room, hallway leading to the bedrooms, and the stairs going to the basement.  I’ve already repainted most of the rooms to my liking, but was stuck on the colour for the hallway and staircase area.  It’s the largest section, and can be seen from literally everywhere in my house, so it needed to be a good colour! I also needed to consider how the colour would look with the various wood tones we have.  At first I was gravitating towards light green or blue, but didn’t love either idea.

Here is the before colour, which is a nondescript beige. The colour itself is okay, but there were some nicks in the paint from moving furniture, and we were unable to locate an exact paint match for touch ups.  This view is standing in the kitchen looking towards the bedrooms.hallway After taking the above photo I turned to the right for this shot of the stairway leading to the basement. You can see the chipped paint on this wall!  hallway
After years of deliberating, I FINALLY decided on a colour! But I knew painting was going to be a big job so I put it off for a few weeks before finally getting at it.  A full day later, and the new colour was up! It was a lot of work, most of which I did by myself since David was studying for exams.  Thankfully, he helped me out a bit on his breaks.

Well…I think I’ve kept you in suspense long enough!  Here is the colour I picked, called “Sweet Curry” by Behr. It’s bright and cheery, and soooo different from what I’d usually pick, but I love it!


Here is the basement stairwell looking at the opposite wall.  I like how well the old light fixture and the new paint colour work together.


This is the view as soon as you walk in the front door, and I really like how the wood tones work with the new colour.  David wasn’t sure how it would all look, but he told me to pick whatever colour I want, and he ended up liking this one once he got used to it a few days later!


I tend to stick to earth tones for paint colours, but I’m glad I went a little different here because the end result is quite nice! Even though it’s bold, it doesn’t seem overwhelming because the natural light that fills the space tones it down a bit.  The wood of the floors, trim, and walls help neutralize it too, since they are similar in colour.

Have you ever painted a room a “crazy” colour?

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