handmade fall/winter wardrobe; update two

Some of you may remember my earlier post about sewing myself some new pieces of clothing for fall and winter.  In September I had received some birthday money and then for Christmas I was gifted with a certificate for the fabric store.  I have been working several new pieces, and have some that are still in the planning stages, but I will share those soon!

In the meantime, here are some photos of what I’ve sewn myself for my fall and winter wardrobe.

I tried out a new self made pattern for this jersey knit cowl top. I found the coral fabric in the remnant bin at the store, and there was just enough to make this top.  Ideally I would have made a bigger cowl, but since this was an experimental project, I am pleased with the result anyway.

I love this green floral fabric!  I have not been wearing much graphic print lately, but this one caught my eye.  It is soft and cozy, and hangs really well.  I envision wearing it from fall to spring!  Again, this is a self made pattern.

This top is made from a two separate fabrics that were left over from other pieces of clothing (I am actually wearing it as I type this post), and is my casual sweater for home. It is warm and comfy, and kind of baggy so I generally don’t wear it out and about.  

I saw this black and floral velvety fabric but it reminded me of a floral couch, and I still wanted to buy it!  My mom said it was really nice and not couch-like so I ended up making a dress to wear to a wedding in October. The dress is a self drafted pattern, with a boat neck, dropped waist, and slightly gathered skirt. It was really comfy to wear and easy to make.  Since there is stretch to the fabric I didn’t need to do a zipper in the back.

I am calling this denim dress “the homeschool” because it reminds me of those plain jumpers that homeschool moms wore in the 1990s (I was homeschooled…I can say that!). But this denim is soft and stretchy and has a fleecy lining!  I drafted a simple pattern for a straight cut dress with a knee length hem and a rounded neckline.  There is no zipper at the back, but I did sew a small piece of elastic at the waist so that the dress does not just hang on me.  I have worn it a fair bit and it is really comfy.

This purple wool is from the suiting fabric section of the store but I think it works as a maxi skirt.  I used my trusty McCalls skirt pattern with some modifications.  One thing I adore about this pattern is how the skirt drapes when finished.  It is full but not bulky or cumbersome.  I modified the waist so that the yoke is in the front instead of the back, and put the concealed zipper on the side instead of having it in the front.  I also opted for no pockets or belt loops.


Presently I have a wool sheath dress in the works, as well as a jersey knit dress, and another cowl necked top.  There are a few skirts in the wash that have yet to make an appearance, as well. I am also getting ready to sew some spring and summer clothing too.

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2 comments on “handmade fall/winter wardrobe; update two

  1. Hi,
    Very nice! I really like the purple skirt. I am just wondering if you have any storage solutions you can share, as you have described your house as not large, and you seem to have an abundance of clothing (as do I and most sewers I know!). Or are you good at getting rid of old items as you bring new ones in? (I’m NOT good at that!).
    Thanks. Love your blog!

    • I actually have a very large closet, but it is not full of clothing. I do purge my clothing seasonally to make room for any new sewn items.

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