happy halloween

Zombie Little Red Riding Hood costume, circa 2009

Josephine and Napleon-all handmade by my mother in law! 
I hope you enjoy the above pictures!  The zombie was stuff I did for fun and out of boredom a few years ago.  And the Napoleon and Josephine costumes were made by my mother in law.  When my husband was in high school he had to do a report on Napoleon and wanted a costume to go with it.  My mother in law made him this and since then it has been worn for Halloween.  The Josephine dress was made for David’s sister as a costume.  David and I dressed up like this, visited his grandma and then came back to his place…that’s it.  No party or anything, this was just for fun.
Oh, bonus picture: 
picture of the real Josephine (source)
and the real Napoleon (source)

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