happy valentine’s day!

David and I have had 5 Valentine’s days together.  He took me on a day trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake for our first one and gave me a Pandora bracelet and charm.  I made him a scrapbooky thing of picture we had taken together so far.  I added to it every year.

The first he gave me was the red hearts on the top bracelet.  Over the course of 5 years he has filled the original bracelet and I started a new one last Valentine’s day.  He has bought me every charm, except for 3 (I bought myself the camera and house and my employer bought me the star when I worked at Pandora). 
Here we are on that first Valentine’s day, in 2009.   David didn’t smile much for pictures back then, but he assures me he was happy!  
And here we are now, married :)
What an awesome 5 years!  In the beginning I didn’t think we’d get married.  When we became an “official” couple, on December 28, 2008, I told David that I didn’t want to take our relationship too seriously by thinking about the future.  I said I wanted to just have fun and enjoy what we have in the moment.  He said that was fine and later told me he knew we would last.  I’d like to clarify what I mean by “have fun”…we were seeing each other exclusively, but I didn’t want to start talking about our future together because I was convinced I’d never find anyone.  At 18 I was so sure I’d be in love before and that person had broken my heart; I obviously thought we’d be together forever.  A few months into my relationship with David I knew he was the one for me and that we would one day be married.  

If you’re looking for a  tasty meal to make your loved ones for Vday this year, why not try my Herb and Wine Cream Sauce and for dessert treat yourself to some Black Forest Cheesecake. 

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