having a modest lifestyle in a modern world

Good morning everyone! If you have not already seen on Facebook, I’ve become a regular contributor to A Pinch of Faith, and my first post was published over the weekend.


Here is a teaser:

When you hear the word modesty, what comes to mind?  I bet it’s something about clothing, not showing too much skin, etc.  Modesty can be defined two ways, the first meaning “not too proud or confident in your abilities” and the second (and likely the one most of us think of)  “behaving and especially dressing in ways that do not attract sexual attention“. 

It seems that society has no concept of either definition of modesty! In the age of social media, bragging, over sharing, and giving a play by play of one’s life seems to be the norm.  Similarly, women (and men!) are dressing in ways that purposefully call attention to themselves.  The end goal is to be noticed and talked about, whether it be for good or bad things.

The rest can be found here!

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6 comments on “having a modest lifestyle in a modern world

  1. I’ve just discovered your blog and am enjoying it. I am probably double your age but share a lot of the same values as you do. I love being a homemaker and everything that goes along with it!
    Take care.

  2. You are so right about how the world behaves! Prideful behavior and lust. The more people show or have the more attention they get. In a way they become their own gods that they and others who follow them worship.

  3. These are such good words ! Ones that we need to remember when blogging or using social media or just going about normal life. Are we living a humble and righteous life or are we flaunting at every turn ? Thank you for this reminder to live as Christ.
    Thanks for sharing it Wearing with Wisdom on KingMakerBlog.com

    • Thank you. It’s so easy to forget our priorities on social media so I hope this post encourages others to be more mindful.

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