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Last week I showed you some easy DIY gift ideas for people on your Christmas list. Today I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes that also make excellent gifts.

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Slow Cooker Apple Butter: Throw the ingredients in the slow cooker, leave it for about 14 hours and you’re done.
applebutter (4)

Cranberry Whiskey Cake: this would be great made ahead of time, frozen and then thawed before giving it as a gift.  You can package it in cute metal containers from the dollar store!
cranberrycake (2)


Maple Whiskey Butter Tarts: easy homemade crust, sweetened with maple syrup instead of corn syrup…your recipient will be amazed you made these yourself!  I have not tried freezing these tarts, so I suggest making them a day or two ahead of time and just refrigerating them until giving.

whiskeybuttertarts (3)

Vegan Banana Bread:  I made this vegan by choice and really, you don’t notice a difference!  Banana bread freezes really well, so you can make this now and thaw it just before giving it as a gift.

Peanut Butter Cake: so.good.  Again, this has not lasted long enough in my house to be frozen so I can’t say how well freezing would work. But I do know it is delicious.

Fruit Gummy Candies: this is one of the most popular recipes on my blog!  You can use whatever kind of juice you want; I used tart cherry and they tasted similar to store bought candies. These gummies could be packaged in really any sort of container, just be sure to refrigerate them.  I also suggest making them only a day or two ahead of time.
There you have it…a list of easy recipes that anyone on your Christmas list would enjoy getting this year. to see the recipes, just click on the highlighted words to be redirected.  My apologies if the older posts on my blog have poor quality pictures. When I transferred my blog to it’s own .com address, the content on my older posts went wonky.

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