homemaking 101: meal ideas

In this week’s instalment of the Homemaking 101 series, I’m sharing some easy and tasty meal ideas that you can add to your family’s meal plan. I know it can be tempting to stock up on frozen meals, which is fine occasionally, but there is great satisfaction in making an entire meal from scratch!  I’m a pretty picky eater, so I don’t use  lot of fancy ingredients, but that just means what I do make it more cost effective.  We like simple meals that taste good, and use local or seasonal ingredients when possible.

I’ve picked through my recipe posts here on Our Wood Home to share my very favourites with you.

homemaking 101 meal ideas

This first set of meals would be perfect for dinner!

Cheeseburger pizza made with ground beef, bacon, and cheese on a homemade whole wheat crust.

cheeseburger pizza

Kale and potato soup is filling, but works well as a summer meal.


Spaghetti Squash Chicken Cacciatore sounds fancy, but it’s a really simple pasta alternative.


BBQ’d tuna casserole can be made in the oven, but it;s more fun on the BBQ!


Here are some fun snack or dessert ideas!

This Pumpkin Spice Brittle is great for fall, or ANYTIME of the year.

pumpkin spice brittle

Whole Wheat Lemon Loaf never lasts long in our house.  We like eating it for breakfast, too.


Vegan Banana Bread has no dairy, eggs, or sugar!


I hope you’ll follow along with with homemaking 101 series!  There will be a short break in posts soon as I take some time to reevaluate some priorities and figure out some better scheduling. Don’t worry, I’m coming back to blogging though!  I’ll be staying in touch on social, so be sure to follow me there (more details can be found here).  You can also sign up for new posts alerts via e-mail using the widget on the side bar.

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