hot pink pants

The other day I went shopping for some new pants because all of mine seem to have, uh, shrunk. Actually, I’ve gotten bigger…but who cares about those minor details. Anyway, like many women I’ve had a hard time finding pants that actually fit well (I like my pants to sit on my natural waist, be slim fitting through the legs and not gap in the back waist band).  I’ve come to the conclusion that RW&Co has the ultimate pants !  Their website calls them “leggings” but they are most certainly pants.  I’ve got 3 pairs of these pants and I love them.  I like that they have no pockets, zippers or elastics anywhere because it creates a nice and clean silhouette.

pink pants outfit
Cardigan: Old Navy (very old)
T Shirt: Roots (very old)
Pants: RW&Co
Shoes: Keds (very old)
Scarf: RW&Co
Purse: Winners

pink pants outfit

pink pants outfit

pink pants outfit
I wore this outfit when David and I went out for a double dinner date with his best friend.  Sometimes when I put outfits together I wonder later “What they heck was I thinking?!”…and this is one of those outfits!  I probably could have matched my scarf and shoes a little better. And bright yellow may not be the best choice for a purse. But I was comfortable and I don’t think I look too bad ;)
PS: See how I wore my other RW&Co pants herehere, here and here.

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