house tour: dining room

The dining room is one of my favourite parts of our house because of the wall colour!  I’m really glad David agreed to it since it ended up looking so good.

The wood railing overlooks the living room.

As you can see the ceiling is vaulted which made painting a fun task!  There’s also a wood panelled wall with lovely windows.  

We’ve got a few plants here because this room gets sun light ALL DAY LONG.  There are 2 orchids, an aloe vera plant and an avocado tree.  Yes, an avocado tree…David grew it from seed a few years ago and it is nearly 5 feet tall.

Every item of furniture in the dining room has somewhat of a story to it.  My dad found the table at a yard sale and got it for free and the faux leather chairs were given to us by my best friend’s aunt.  I bought the zebra chairs and stuffed them into my little car, which is actually pretty funny if you had seen my car!  The china cabinet was given to us by David’s grandma who bought it at an antique shop, moved into her condo then moved it again hours away into a rural home.  The best piece in the dining room is my Morning Glory sign.  You can read about it’s significance here.  
If you’d like to see some older pictures of our dining room visit the links below:
  1. Freshly painted!
  2. This is just sad…
The next part of the tour will be the master bedroom, so check back soon!

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4 comments on “house tour: dining room

  1. I have been trying to grow an avocado for months! How did you get yours to sprout? The ones I use keep cracking after a few weeks or will get mouldy….

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Hi, here is what my husband did:

      -make sure the pit is clean and free from any avocado flesh
      -skewer the avocado pit with toothpicks so that it can be balanced over a cup of water
      -place the pit, pointy side up, in a cup or dish of water so half the pit is submerged
      -keep in a sunny place and replenish the water as needed

      The pit will split at the bottom and roots will start to grow. You will also notice a stem growing from the top. It takes a few weeks for the pit to split, so be patient! My husband planted his pit once there was a few inches of stem growth with some leaves. He grew it indoors but puts it outside on hot sunny days (out of direct light because the leaves get sunburned).

      Good luck!!

    • Thanks!! I don’t think I was cleaning the pit well enough and the others I thought had dried out because of the crack. I must have gone through 6 so far! Silly me, what a waste! haha.

      Thank you so much for the tip :)

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