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Today I’m sharing photos of my kitchen.  A lot of bloggers will style their kitchens to make them look prettier or in use by setting out pots and pans or having a rustic basket full of fresh produce waiting to be cut up.  All that is fine and I certainly enjoy seeing pictures like that but I wanted to show what a real kitchen looks like.  All the things you see in mine are always there; nothing was added for the sake of a picture.  I did however clean away clutter, like mail on the counter and the dishes drying by the sink.

I like the idea of decorating the kitchen walls with pictures of food or neat retro signs, but we have no walls so we came up with other ideas.

This is the view from the front door.  The living room, kitchen and dining room are all visible.

 Let’s take a peek inside some of our cupboards!  They always look this way, I assure you.

How about a closer look at what’s on the counter tops?
vintage glass jar that my grandma gave to my mom, who gave it to me.

David made me this little bowl out of a burl on a tree.  I use it for storing my rings when cooking.

the lemon meringue dish is the bottom of a cute pie plate my mom got me.  It cracked and broke but I couldn’t bear to part with it.  The Corona jar is a hand me down from David’s grandma. 

 Look up and this is what you will see!

avacado pits being rooted

looking into the dining room. there is so much light!

the whole wall is wood paneled and the high windows mean we get so much awesome sunlight coming in. The tall ceilings also add an architectural interest to an otherwise ordinary space.

 And lastly, this is a shot of the floors in the kitchen (also in the dining room).  I think they are a linoleum tile that is meant to look like stone…but they don’t.  They are nice to walk on though, and not too cold in winter.  Plus they go nicely with the wood cabinets as well as the brown dining room walls.

So there you go, a tour of our kitchen.  It isn’t huge, but it isn’t small either. We have a lot of counter space and a fair bit of room to move around between the counters.  In fact, both sets of our parents have larger kitchens but we have more counter space!  
I’m hoping to one day paint the cabinets ( I know…wood!!) a buttery shade and we want to replace the floors and counters too.  The wood cabinets may look nice from a distance but they have a permanent layer of ‘yuck’ on them and the wood is splitting is a couple places.  But the kitchen works really well for us and it doesn’t look terrible :)

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