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Welcome to a new part of my blog: the house tour!

I am not ashamed to say I’m a creeper/snoop.  While I won’t go rummaging through someone’s medicine cabinet I do enjoy getting a tour of someone’s house, either in real life or virtually.  You can tell a lot about people by the way their house is!  And since I still consider myself a “new” homeowner, I LOVE showing off our house!  Like, to the point where I just want everyone to come over and look at it, and then go home.  I’m so proud of our house :)
So I decided to give a proper, virtual tour of our house.  Some rooms won’t be shown, like the mudroom, because they aren’t finished (I mean literally incomplete…there’s a concrete floor and no trim!).  
Our home is was built in 1988, has 3+1 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully finished basement and sits on once acre.  All the ceilings are vaulted except the bathroom and basement and the living areas are open concept.    Are you ready?!  I hope enjoy peeking into our home.
First up: living room! 
The living room is what you walk into as soon as you enter the house.  We don’t have an actual foyer but because the space is so large we can have a lot of people coming in at once without it feeling crowded.  I consider the house a weird sort of bungalow because the living room is on one level, then you walk up 5 stairs to the rest of the house. We have a closet at the top of the mini staircase, which is just as good as having one right by the front door!

This gallery is made up of quotes we had displayed at our wedding.  I bought the frames at the dollar store and used the backside of misprinted wedding invites.  We downloaded a free font and printed these bad boys on a home printer.  I loved the look of these so much I knew I wanted to hang them up in our house.

The wing chair used to be my parent’s but my mom let me have it because I was weirdly fond of it growing up.  The recliner is David’s chair from his parent’s house that he HAD to take with him.  Some people say it looks weird in the living room, but we like it.

 This is where we come in and leave our shoes.  I usually pile mail, newspapers and my purse here too!
The bench was a yardsale find by my mom and the mirror is part of David’s bedroom furniture set.

Thanks for visiting!  As you can see, our style and taste can be described as simple eclectic.  Everything has a purpose and all of our little displayed items have sentimental value.  My family was over yesterday and my youngest brother (who hasn’t been over in almost a year) said he likes our house and it is very eclectic because we have such a mess of furniture all own together, but it works.  Nothing we have in here is a set or was bought at once.  Everything is comfortable and made for living life.
Come back soon for a tour of our kitchen and dining room :)

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