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It’s been a while since I did a house tour post.  I have shown you the living room, dining room and kitchen so now I’m giving you a peek inside our bedroom.  Our house is not very large overall; it is about 1800 square feet and has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.  The finished basement has a bedroom, rec room, mud room, laundry/bathroom and a walkout to the garage.  All of the bedrooms are a decent size for us, although I’m sure there are people who think they are too small.  The high ceilings in all the rooms really help make them feel larger though.

Before I show you what our room looks like, allow me to share a picture I took when we looked at the house for the first time.

IMG_0828NOPE.  It is just all kinds of wrong…they had bulky furniture, including a dresser that covered the window, that made the room feel tight.  While using the top of the closet for storage may be a good idea, it implies that there isn’t enough space in the closet.  And that paint colour! Ugh, I hated it with a passion.  It was sort of a pea green.

As yucky as the room looked before, we could see potential.  So here is how it looks now.

masterbedroom masterbedroom2 masterbedroom3 masterbedroom4We painted, replaced the fan with a sassy light fixture and replaced the curtains on the sliding door (the dining room had 4 curtain panels when it only needed 2, so I used the extra for our room).


framed wedding photo

framed wedding photo


We added some art work to otherwise bare walls and try to keep the dresser clutter free.  Besides looking awesome our room needs to be functional.  We have a bench at the foot of our bed that is used for throwing PJs, extra blankets, etc.



I don’t want to mislead you guys by staging my home to look opulent and trendy because we don’t live that way.  Our style is minimal/practical/a little vintage.  I probably could have added more pillows to the bed or remade the sheets to look more like a fancy hotel.  But why bother?  That isn’t how the bed looks everyday, but this picture is the real deal.  I do make our bed every morning and there are usually more blankets on it because I am always cold.  I wanted to show off this pretty duvet cover so the extra blanket is folded at the foot of the bed instead (which I do every day).






I really enjoy what our room has become.  It’s cozy, relaxing and bright.  It is filled with things important to us and that makes it feel like a place we want to spend time in.

I hope you liked this post and seeing another room of our house.  Would you be interested in knowing where we got some the furniture and accessories in our room? If so, comment below and I’ll be sure to add that info.

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