How I spend $2 per month on shampoo, conditioner, soap and facial cleanser

You read that right…I spend $2 per month on shampoo, conditioner, soap and facial cleanser.  You may be thinking that is not possible, but I’m here to say it is!  Want to know how I do it?  Read on!

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Do you remember a few years ago when the beauty trend was the no ‘poo method of washing hair?  The idea was to use natural products to wash your hair instead of commercially made shampoo.  I had attempted it with a baking soda wash followed by a vinegar rinse and it failed miserably.  My scalp was left gritty and my hair felt even dirtier.  I also gagged every time I used vinegar since I hate the smell.  After trying this method for a few more days I gave up and went back to my regular shampoo.  Back then I was washing my hair every day and using conditioner religiously to control frizz and static.  My hair was a lot longer then, too, similar to the image below.
555858_10151493057076096_1371253814_nAfter hearing about all the bad stuff in shampoos (synthetic chemicals, fragrances, parabens, etc) I decided to look for a better brand than the stuff I was using.  This brand seemed better so I made the switch to the shampoo and conditioner.  But it is expensive and I was using a lot of it!  I decided to start washing my hair every other day which was interesting at first, since my scalp freaked out and became super oily ( I also stopped using my conditioner because it didn’t seem to be helping my frizz or static). When you wash your scalp every day you are stripping the natural oils and replacing them with synthetic ones in your shampoo or conditioner.  When I stopped washing every day my scalp suddenly had so much oil because it is used to compensating for the oils being stripped. I had unknowingly made my scalp oily by washing it every single day.  Consequently, I  felt like I had to wash it daily to get rid of the oil!

My scalp needed about a week to adjust to producing the right amount of natural oil, but it regulated after that.  My hair became super shiny, virtually frizz-less and sooo soft.   The biggest bonus was that I didn’t have so spend as much money on hair products since I was now using it less.

You may be thinking now: that’s great, Christina, but how are you spending just $2 per month? Well, my secret is a bar of vegetable glycerin soap, purchased from a local bulk food store for $1.99.  David has been using them for a while and when I cut my hair short like it is now I decided to give it a try too.  I LOVED it.  The bar of soap has no smell, no dye and rinses very well. Eventually something clicked and I started using the soap on my body instead of the over frangranced shower gels I had been using.

I also use the vegetable glycerin soap on my face and I only wash it once a day.  This is because I have very sensitive skin that is acne prone as well as clinically oily.  After trying countless expensive cleansers and creams and prescriptions, my dermatologist looked at me and said “Well, you just have very oily skin and there is nothing I can do for you”. That’s what every 17 year old wants to hear, right?

Since I began washing my face once a day, at night, the oiliness has decreased dramatically, for similar reasons my hair scalp is no longer oily (the oil glands were overstimulated before, but now they are self regulating).  The soap I use is really gentle and is great for removing makeup, sun block, sweat, etc.  Since I started cleansing once a day I no longer have a need for moisturizer either!  My acne is still present, but that’s more of a hormonal imbalance issue which I am peace with.

In case you didn’t read ALLLLLL that content above here is a summary:

  • washing your hair and skin too much can cause an over production of oils
  • cutting back on the amount of washing will force scalp and skin to self regulate it’s oil
  • I use vegetable glycerin soap for my hair, skin and body and the bar costs me $2.00 a month

Now, I know that not everyone reading my blog has short hair like me, so some readers may not believe they can spend just $2.00 like I do.  But you can!! Here’s the secret:  only wash your scalp, not your hair!  Think about it: do the ends of your hair feel dirty? Probably not!  So regardless of the length of your hair, if you just wash the scalp you can save tons of money each month like I do!


Seriously, tomorrow skip the hair washing.  Once your scalp has adjusted pick up a bar of glycerin soap and use that instead of your shampoo and conditioner!  If you have oily skin, try cleansing at night only and skip the moisturizer!  Then come back here and tell me how it worked for you!


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